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LaTeX question about Feynman Diagrams

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    Has anyone of you tried to work with creating Feynman Graphs in LaTeX?

    I tried using the feynmf package, as explained here:
    and used the same introductory script:

    Trying to run it like this doesn't work, and during compiling I get the message that (\begin{fmffile*}{diagram}) is wrong... After removing the *, the compiling works, but I get a very weird graph which:
    1. Is very small
    2. I am not able to interfere with... (like changing the lines-vertices)

    Has anyone ever had that problem? any way to solve it?
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    I have no experience with feynmf, I usually use axodraw and it works reasonably.
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    Do you understand what the procedure:
    "latex-dvips-ps2pdf route"
    means? Because TeX won't make axodraw work with pdflatex...
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    I vaguely remember that I had to run metafont (?) whenever I changed something in a fmffile-environment before running pdflatex.
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