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I Lattice standard model (Wang & Wen)

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    There is a proposal for a generalized lattice standard model by Juven Wang and Xiao-Gang Wen. Could this be correct? I've put this under BTSM because it also mentions grand unified models.

    A Non-Perturbative Definition of the Standard Models
    Juven Wang, Xiao-Gang Wen
    (Submitted on 28 Sep 2018 (v1), last revised 11 Oct 2018 (this version, v2))
    The standard models contain chiral fermions coupled to gauge theory. It has been a long-standing problem to give such gauged chiral fermion theories a non-perturbative definition. Based on the classification of quantum anomalies and symmetric invertible topological orders via a mathematical cobordism theorem, and the existence of non-perturbative interactions gapping the mirror world's chiral fermions for any all-anomaly-free theory, here we show rigorously that the standard models from the SO(10) and SO(18) grand unifications (more precisely, Spin(10) and Spin(18) chiral gauge theories) can be defined non-perturbatively via a 3+1D local lattice model of bosons or qubits, while the standard models from the SU(5) grand unification can be realized by a 3+1D local lattice model of fermions. This represents a unification of Matters and Forces by Quantum Information.
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    It reminds me of the You-Bentov-Xu paper from a few years back (cited in this work): https://arxiv.org/abs/1402.4151, where one realizes chiral fermions by considering the SM as living on the edge of a 4+1 dimensional topological insulator. I believe this was also a realization of specific GUTs rather than the vanilla SM.
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