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Automotive Lawnmower Go-Kart drivetrain problem

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    I've got myself a lawnmower engine and I'm wanting to make a go-kart. I was going to rig it to a bevel gear combo and then just put it straight onto the back axle but I'm struggling to figure out the drive train.

    What is the best way to do this?
    What do people normally do? Seems to be a lot of people on youtube making lawnmower engines into stuff.

    Forgive my ignorance.

    Cheers, Stuart.
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    For the sake of simplicity and flexibility, I'd be mighty tempted to use pulleys and a drive belt.
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    Ranger Mike

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    Welcome Mclach..been a while since I ran one of these..a " fun Kart" typically uses # 35 roller chain..the carnival karts and go cart land cartsuse # 40 or 41 chain but I never had probs with # 35 and this is what the world cart racers runuse a 10 tooth clutch and 60 tooth drive sprocket on light karts..on heavier carts use 12 tooth and 72 tooth final drive sprocket..the 5 to 1 drive ratio give more spped but the 6 to 1 is good compromise.. the 7.2 to 1 is for fat kids...( final drive ratio = drive sprocket teeth count devided by clutch teeth count)


    call APPCO Karts, Parts & Accessories at 1-800-676-6636
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    Doing a go kart by yourself is quite compliacte. I have tried it once but it was really bad. That's why i bought a new one and everything is ok! :)
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