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Help- electric/gas hybrid go kart project

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    hey all- I've built a elec go kart using a 24v source, PMC high amp speed controller, and massive 24v excavator starter motor. Fun stuff. I want to make it gas/hybrid. I'm not going to lay out all the challenges- but I do need help on building a buy list for micro controllers/sensors etc. I haven't done Microcontrol programming/build in 15yrs- sooo.. I'll pay more for "more built" or easier programming.

    Here's what I think I need:
    -RPM sensor (drive wheel)
    -angular position sensor (gas pedal)
    -servo x2 (gas and elec throttle control)
    -Microcontrol that can handle the inputs/ drive servos

    Without getting into the mud of the logic- general thoughts- based on drive wheel rpm, engage elec throttle servo based on gas pedal position, until certain rpm reached, then taper on gas throttle servo, tapper back elec throttle servo until higher rpm- then zero elec throttle servo

    Also- appreciate any recommendations on good online shops for such.

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    There are very extensive sensors and actuators available for both Rasberry Pi and Arundino microcontrollers. There are also very active forums for both. I think you might get better answers from one of those forums.

    Good luck
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    Ok. Thx, I see some external forums on topic, none here. One step closer.. Peace.
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    Instead of having the gas motor drive the wheels have you considered using the gas motor to drive an alternator to keep the battery charged? I think that might be easier to control.
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