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Laws of Conservation of Energy

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    (Please make it a bit easy for a newbie student)
    Law of Conservation of Energy states that energy can neither be created nor be destroyed. Then how did it ever come into being?

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    Energy is never created. It is constantly transferred through the breakdown or creation of matter.

    Or atleast that's what i'd gathered from studying. Don't quote me on it - correct me if i'm wrong.
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    So energy exists as ever, it is not created at least according to the Law of Conservation of Energy. We may need another Law to understand how it come into being.
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    In a place where the curvature in space-time is infinite or near infinite the laws of physics break down and do not apply. This is called a singularity, it occurs in black holes and of course, the Big Bang Singularity which created most of the matter in the Universe. The aforementioned first law of thermodynamics does not hold inside a singularity and matter may be created or destroyed, as was demonstrated by the Big Bang.
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    Andy Resnick

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    That statement needs to be slightly amended to "Law of Conservation of Energy states that energy can neither be created nor be destroyed *in a closed system*". The correct way to ask your question is then "is the universe a closed system" or equivalently, "what are the boundary conditions on the universe"?

    What is north of the north pole?
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