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Least energy required for creation of a fundamental particle

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    What's the least energy required to create a fundamental particle of mass m,what would be ur answer? mc^2 or 2mc^2

    For fermions,we always have to create anti fermion too... Is it true for bosons too... Say I want to create any boson... Would I have to create 2 of it?
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    Yes - it is not a fermion thing, but particle + antiparticle pair.
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    But bosons doesn't have antiparticle... Why are they created in pairs then? Is that why those who doesn't have anti particles are said to be their own anti particle?
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    One important consideration - conservation of energy and conservation of momentum both must hold.
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    You don't have to do pair production, not even for fermions. But you have to conserve all conserved quantum numbers - if you produce a single quark or lepton, something else has to change which might need (or release!) energy. But that is not specific for fermions, the same is true for the W boson.

    Therefore: It depends on the production process and your definition of "energy required".

    Photons have no minimal requirement, Z-bosons and Higgs bosons require mc^2.
    What about the electron? The decay of a neutron produces one, and releases additional energy. Did that require some energy, and if so, how much?
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    "One important consideration - conservation of energy and conservation of momentum both must hold."

    Yeah I should keep that in mind... not to forget conservation of charge...

    The ques should have some elaboration... However,higgs boson is created alone from the top quark loop which is two pi gluon's fusion's result... That means its creation doesn't need to be in pair...
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