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Life Goals You Aren't Willing To Work For

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    As the title says.

    I think as a young person, it's hard to acknowledge you have these. Time seems infinite, surely there will come a day when you will achieve that illusive goal! Someday!

    But I'm 50 now so I realize I have a few:

    Run a marathon.
    See the green flash.
    Walk the Pacific Crest Trail.

    I'm sure I have a lot more but I can't think of them now.

    What are yours?
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    finish my PhD
    ... wait nvm. :blushing:
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    Oh god, I have so many goals that I'm not willing to work for it's ridiculous. I want to learn a bunch of different languages, but I never put in the time. I want to have a fitness model's body, but I never work out. I want to be able to fight really well, but I never train. I want to learn how to cook many different dishes really well, but I just cook the same stuff over and over in a mediocre fashion. I want to be an actor, but I never audition. The list goes on.
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    Too little time to worry about theory, I just do and it's working so far.
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    Make my own empire. Too lazy though.
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    I think there's a semantic problem with the thread's title.


    "something that you are trying to do or achieve"

    "The purpose toward which an endeavor is directed; an objective."
    -American Heritage

    In other words, it's not really proper to refer to a thing as a "goal" unless, and until, you are working toward it.
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    I don't run. If you see me running, there is something chasing me. You should run too.
    I had to google it last week when you posted this. I saw jpegs of the green flash. Check!
    When are they going to pave that, so I can drive it?

    I'm 4.7 years ahead of you, and took a completely different life path. (I love the "Meet a Mentor" series. Glasnost dobry.)


    1. Survive another 138 days
    2. Refinance (It costs $10,000 to properly file a patent)
    3. Write the patent
    4. License the idea to the USPS, and collect my $50,000,000
    5. Slowly develop a multinational corporation over 10 years into a $1,000,000,000,000 business.
    6. Sell out
    7. Buy you, and all my friends, mega-yachts
    8. Meet you all in Bora Bora
    9. Die, with a smile on my face

    That is all.
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    I tell myself over and over again I will learn Calculus and physics because I enjoy reading about physics but I never actually put in the effort and learn the math behind any of it. It's just as a hobby but I will eventually dedicate some years to learning it all... Not just a month here and there.
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    I've had as a long term goal for a while to visit Japan, following me learning japanese. I finally started on it last year and have learned maybe ~800 words, but now I'm a bit stuck on the Kanji. Oh well, I'm only 34 so I have plenty of time left for completing the goal.
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    I'm a little confused by the thread title... these are goals I'm NOT willing to work for? Well, here are two lists, I guess:

    Goals I AM working towards:
    1. Hike all of NH's 4000 footers
    2. Become a millionaire
    3. Become a "master" woodworker (love it, not great at it)
    4. Work for SpaceX
    5. Be an American Express Centurion card holder

    Goals I have that totally aren't worth the effort:
    1. Visit every nation in the world
    2. Skydive
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    If I had infinite time, I would want to achieve proficiency in everything
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    Hence lisab's somewhat confusing title.

  14. Jan 20, 2014 #13
    Right now, it's learning how to play the piano. I'm just too busy for now until may :cry:
  15. Jan 20, 2014 #14
    Learn the violin.
    Write a few stories which have been developing in some form or the other ever since I can remember.
    Die by a sniper's head-shot while fishing.
    Kill that sniper.
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