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Lightning strike blew out odd pieces in my house

  1. Apr 22, 2013 #1
    Last Wednesday we had a thunderstorm in this mid April in Michigan. While I was in my bedroom, a lightning bolt hit QUITE close to my house. Had to be < 100 feet.

    Subsequently, I discovered a number of odd pieces of my electronics had gone bad:

    1) HDMI port in my Comcast DVR, yet the rest of the device works fine
    2) An HDMI splitter went out
    3) A wireless WebCam powers up but I can't connected to it anymore (even wired it won't generate an IP address)
    4) My router would allow wireless connections and generate IP addresses locally, but wouldn't connect to the WAN from the Comcast Modem.
    5) The TV in the bedroom ATSC tuner went out. After a couple of days, I turned the TV back on, and it was able to receive a signal. 2 minutes later, it lost the signal, then about 5 minutes after that the whole display went out. My guess is a bad power supply.

    And the weirdest thing of all, a canon printer which was generating an error code for the last 3 months suddenly started working! lol

    Curious as to an explanation of the wide variety of devices and specific portions of the devices that burned out. Is this just from an induced surge from a close strike?
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    The main cause was probability poor or incorrect grounding. I've seen many cases where the cable coax drop or a external communications line was not bonded to the utility ground rod and caused a grounding current loop due to ground potential rise from the difference in voltage between the cable/comm distribution box ground and the house ground.

    The induced voltage from that current loop surge severely damaged or fried the semiconductors in the dead devices.
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    Nice try, Nsaspook, but I'm quite sure that the strike actually opened a dimensional rift and he is now residing in the Twilight Zone.
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