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Like a ray of sun in a dark basement in the day light..

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    Today i woke up not so early around 8am, i get up and cooked breakfast and eat and had to drive for an hour to drop resume to get a job hehe..and went to a park for a walk to smell fresh air for about an half an hour. I get home about 1130am and i went to my basement to do some laundry, i put the clothes inside the washing machine already i poured the detergent and I'm about to put the fabric softener and this like sun light rays just flashed on me from my back and its just gone that quick, like a blink of an eye. I thought the light came from my little window but i wasn't so sure because it has a dark brown greenish color and its just a little window like size of two boxes of shoes. And for a second i just stand there and thought maybe its just a glare from the fabric softener I'm holding and I'm kind of figuring it out where the sun light like came from, i didn't feel scared or anything or smell or hear anything with that light..its just a flash of the sun light like thingy. Does anyone here experience this too? i want to know what is it..am i going to lose my vision or something? hmm hit me up with your experiences.. thanks! 16341176-vintage-abstract-sun-s-rays-on-the-wall-grunge-Stock-Photo.jpg
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    Welcome to PF!

    We can't give medical advice here on PF!

    The best suggestion is to check with a doctor to make sure everything is okay especially if you felt light-headed or you see more flashes.
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    Angel, it says in your Profile page that you work in Health Care. As jedishrfu said, you should see your doctor about this. I would recommend seeing a doctor today, because if it is vision related, it is something that needs to be treated soon. Best of luck. :smile:
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