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Limit to number of questions one can ask?

  1. May 29, 2015 #1
    Dear all,

    I would like to know is there a monthly limit for a single user for "good " questions in Homework sections ?

    What is the daily limitation ? Are "small" math question also required to be asked in "homework" section ?

    Thabk you and best regards
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    There are no question limits if the template is used and reasonable effort is shown. Welcome!
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    Thank you :)

    Please help. I would like to stick to the rules completely. If for example I have a question from math: " where is this function defined" and then I say as my effort: " we made the similar function analysis in the class so I think this founction is defined on this interval " . Is this question not OK ?

    Thanks for the answer
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    So "as I can" and nobody will here "attack" my question ? I am relativelly new in math so one may think I shoul have more knowledge transformed into more effort. You promise I Will not be "attacked" by "no or little effort" ? Please. Thanks
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    No one will attack you, but we may disapprove of the request. That is why you are showing me.
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    I ll try to do my best. Thank sfor understandance
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    You still are not following the rules to which you were pointed. You must fill out the homework template, you can't simply post, "see attached". I've posted the homework directions into your last attempt.
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    I think he's referring to the matrix image posted in the thread. What you are trying to find or solve is missing I think.
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    aaa. Let mi check and amend it. Is it OK now ?
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    I don't think it's ok. You haven't really given an attempt. Sure, you have given a definition/characterization of diagonalizable. But have you tried to apply this definition to your specific matrix? What did you get? Where were you stuck. Just putting a definition without any further attempt isn't really an attempt.

    Aren't you learning from a book? A good step would be to look at the concrete examples in the book and try to adapt their approach.
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    Turns out they are a sockpuppet of 2 previously banned accounts by the same person.
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