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Linear Algebra and Discrete Math at the same time?

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I am a math major currently in a community college reputed for having an outstanding math department, lucky me :D. I am taking Calculus 2 this semester. Next semester I'll be taking Calculus 3 with linear algebra or discrete math. Can I take all three at the same time or would it be an overkill? Like I mentioned earlier, the math department is the best there is.
It really depends on what other courses you're taking. I also took linear algebra and discrete at the same time. It's possible, but varies from school to school of course.
Well! If I take Calculus 3, Linear Algebra and Discrete Math together, only other course I'll take with these classes is either computer science or analytical physics 1.


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It depends partly on what Calculus 3 is. In some schools, calculus 1 is differentiation and 2 is integration. In other, 1 is single variable and 2 is multivariable.

Nonetheless it is probably manageable with a good work ethic.

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