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Linear regression where am i going wrong?

  1. Dec 11, 2005 #1
    linear regression where am i going wrong??

    Linear regression using least square fit method for the
    determination of cocaine sample
    Cocaine (mg/ml) Peak height
    X= 2.75 Y=27377 X squared=0.9625 X x Y=3241.272

    M = 10 x 3241.272 – 2.75 x 27377 / 10 x 0.9625 – 7.5625

    = -42874.03 / 2.0625 = -20787.39 ????????

    I should be getting m = 267.25 according to graph
    Can any one tell me where im going wrong please:yuck:
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    Hey! Is helping you on this problem going to get us in trouble with the DEA?

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