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Literary publcation and graduate school in engineering.

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    Hi all.

    This is strange question. Is publication of poetry during UGRADs helpful or will it hurt if I mention it while applying to graduate school in engineering, especially in extremely competitive programs like MIT?

    Thank You.
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    is bumping a bad ettiquette?
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    Vanadium 50

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    Yes. Please reread the PF Rules.

    You do realize you're asking us to read the minds of an admissions committee, right?
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    It can't hurt. Don't dwell on it like it's your crown and glory, but showing that you have a decent grasp of the english language is a good thing.

    Will it help you get into graduate school at MIT? Probably not appreciably. If you have done boring research, your ability to throw together metaphors and rhymes wont really impress anyone in engineering.
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