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Literature vs test: Al 356 alloying

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    Hi guys, first post here, since I can't find any literature I might as well try a forum. Literature states that Al356 alloy has a Young's Modulus of ~70GPa, of course it will change with tempering and aging differences, but it should be around there. My experiments at school are only yielding around 4-5GPa as maximum Young's Modulus, where the lower values can go as low as 1.5GPa. Does anyone know what is going on, if this is a common occurance or maybe our MTS testing machines just aren't calibrated right?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Hi shaneinhisroo, welcome to PF. The Young's modulus isn't going to change much even with temperature and processing. Sounds like your machine (or analysis approach?) is at fault.
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