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  1. entropy1

    Literature to study QM

    Hello, I want to try studying QM. I have already read Susskind Minimum QM. Now I have some trouble focussing while reading and mild dyslexia. So I only want to read the stuff I need (doesn't everyone?). HOW do I find the right sequence of the right books to progress from basic to more...
  2. W

    Literature on the Benjamin-Ono equation

    Hi PF, Is there someone here, who can recommend some good introductory literature on the Benjamin-Ono equation (BO)? I have skipped through the book Nonlinear PDE's for scientists and engineers by L. Debnath and in it Debnath only presents the BO equation without a thorough discussion hereof...
  3. V

    A Photovoltaic Effect in CdS or CdSe

    I have a somewhat different question to the usual sort asked. In the literature on photovoltaics numerous authors, both academic and popular refer to an Audobert and Stora who in 1932 observed the photovoltaic effect in either CdS or CdSe, depending on the author, however no citation is given...
  4. ohwilleke

    I Looking for literature re imperfect quantum gravity models

    Preface There are lots of times in physics when we use approximations of a more accurate or fundamental physics theory because it is easier to work with. For example, in quantum chromodynamics (QCD) lots of calculations are done using the Schwinger-Dyson equations rather than the actual...
  5. PetSounds

    Gödel, Escher, Bach

    Lately, I've been hooked on Douglas R. Hofstadter's book Gödel, Escher, Bach. In it, he discusses the idea of "strange loops"—often apparent logical paradoxes—and argues that they are the key to understanding consciousness. He includes witty dialogues, as well as examples of "strange loops" in...
  6. Ubique

    Hard Sci-Fi vs Soft Sci-Fi

    I am a passionate sci-fi fan because of the specific ideas and themes the genre allows authors and readers to experience. It is unique among the literary scene for focusing specifically on a discipline(s) present in every aspect of our lives; that from which we can't escape: SCIENCE. Sci-Fi is...
  7. G

    Literature for QM to QFT step-by-step

    Hi all, can anybody help me to find literature that takes the reader on a step-by-step path from non-relativistic quantum theory to relativistic quantum theory? I imagine something like that: it starts with a single harmonic oscillator, analyzes the non-harmonic oscillator (does the...
  8. GiantSheeps

    Hard Science Fiction

    If anyone else here is a fan of hard science fiction, do you have any recommendations? I just read Farside by Ben Bova and I really enjoyed it, so I'd say it's worth a read if you come across it.
  9. Naomi

    What Novel are You Reading? Holiday Read Recommendations?

    The holidays are upon us. With the holiday's comes time off work and school for many. What books are you reading during your spare time? Do you Have any Favorite holiday reads? Perhaps some guilty favorites? Currently I am working on four novels: 1. The Elegant Universe by Brian Greene 2. Anna...