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Homework Help: Little help with thermodynamic question

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    the question is in the attachment. All i really want to know is when you have to find the final pressure and temperature do you use the equation

    p1 v1^k = p2 v2^k

    where k is the the polytrophic index


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    Thread moved to Homework Help.

    Welcome to the PF, tweety. One of the rules we have for homework and coursework is that you show some of your own work, before we can offer tutorial help.

    So what is your approach to this problem?
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    yea i just realised i dont no how to find the heat transferred as well but

    i got the final pressure to be 15.8 bar and the final temp to be 328K and the work done to be 29KJ

    ive done this by using the first equation above to find final P and PV=RT to find the final temp

    is this right ??? i havent got any answers to them

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