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Living Organism versus Electricity

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    I was wondering for quite a while what would happen if you exposed a living organism to electricity of ~250.000 Ampère at 1.000.000 Volts (I'm unsure if the values given are insanely high or not).
    Would the organism just end up "everywhere" or something else??
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    Electrocution can cause nerve damage, stop the heart and burn the organism. The values you have given are insanely high, a bit of googling will show that above 10kv death in humans is highly likely though there are rare records of survival at voltages of over 100kv.
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    That I know.
    I've read multiple questions and answers about this topic and of them end like: "high-voltage is dangerous, yes; but it also depends on the amperage (the higher the amperage the server the consequences at lower voltage)".

    ...what about the hamster-in-microwave experiment?
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    RF fields are very different from arc discharges in their effects.

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