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Logic and creativity within mathematics

  1. Aug 9, 2011 #1
    I've always been a creative person since I was little.

    I really wasn't noticed for my potential for maths at all when I was growing up and it was a year before I completed my GCSE's I was stuck in set 2 maths with a predicted grade of a D but tried and got a B all in all.

    When I went into further education I took maths and further maths as two of my options (aswell as physics and chem) and really excelled from there (especially in pure mathematics), I've even overtaken some people that have always been in top set maths.

    Looking back its strange how I've progressed, I'm wondering whether any studies suggest creative minds are also good at mathematics in anyway as well as logical minds.

    I've done some research but I've had not much luck in finding anything. Please feel free to comment though.
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    A lot of stuff in math is really about creativity: it's a misconception that math is "black and white". It's true that math is about precision and unambiguity. But it's also about discovery.
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