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Looking for a COMSOL or ANSYS model/tutorial (for the design) of a solenoid

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    I've been attempting to learn how to use COMSOL and ANSYS to create and model a simple solenoid (iron core, 1000 turns of 26 AWG Cu wire, 1 Amp, 0 Hz etc), ever since I realized my Department always had a license to both packages :uhh:.

    I've done this using FEMM, and fairly well, but I'd like to get a good 3D output both for visualization and for the actual numbers. If this works, I would most likely extend the model to something a great deal more complicated. I just dont have the foothold, though.

    Does somebody here know how to do this? That is, is there a usable COMSOL or ANSYS model (or the like) on the web somewhere that I can play with for free? This, alongside a step-by-step tutorial, maybe from some University, would do perfectly.

    It seems that it should be simple to design and simulate a solenoid in one of these two packages, but search as I might, nothing substantial has turned up in either Bing or Google.

    Would appreciate your help and your curiosity,

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    ANSYS has a tutorial in it's help manual for this.

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    Just to close this thread for future visitors:

    http://water.stanford.edu/GP200/files_2005/COMSOL_DC_heat.pdf [Broken]

    This is a minitutorial for comsol.

    Good luck!
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