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Looking for a decent gravity simulator

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    I am looking for a gravity simulator that lets me place new bodies arbitrarily. Specifically, I want to watch what happens when firing a one tonne projectile retrograde from Luna at ~2.7km/s. The projectile will end up in an elliptical earth orbit, but I don't want to discount the sun's influence. I want to see how much the sun perturbs the orbit of the projectile compared to the basic Earth-Luna problem.
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    You can get a basic gravity simulator that help illustrates general relativity for the iPad called "gravity lab" it limited in terms of thing you can do
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    sounds like you're looking for some type of professional software, you probably won't find anything that meets the specifications for an experiment like that online

    You'll either need access to a lab with it or you'll probably have to pay a lot for it

    Your best bet is probably just to code your own simulation
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    The astrophysical code Gadget does a pretty good job of simulating N-body problems with multiple gravitating bodies. It is freely available here. You will need to be Unix-savvy to install it, and there is a learning curve associated with setting up the initial conditions.
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    I found a program that appears to do what I want. Universe Sandbox lets me place arbitrary bodies, so I can simulate launches from Luna.

    The result was an amusing failure. Within one orbit around Earth, the projectile had an orbital inclination of nearly 90 degrees. A launcher like this clearly would need some ability to aim.
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