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Looking for a design company for the dishwasher water flow system

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    Is anybody can help me to find a design company for the dishwasher water flow system in U.S. or Canada. It must have the real design experence for GE, Whirlpool etc.
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    You might have better luck with this on CR4. But, you should not expect anyone to share designs, only expertise.
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    The only company i know is Jeros, but they are Dutch.

    Another lead. http://www.foodmc.com/
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    Welcome to PF, Jack. I only have to wonder why you demand a company that's worked with major appliance brands for something so basic as water-flow control. You must be involved in a very elaborate project for that to be critical. I'd think that just about anyone with knowledge of fluid dynamics and valve mechanisms would be sufficient. (I'm not demeaning you here; just asking.)
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