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Looking for a high accuracy 3D graphing program

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    Hi PF/math !

    I've been searching for a program which will draw 3d parametric curves accurately for large variables, eg. f(10^8).
    Ive tried www.math.uri.edu and Ti-Nspire (the latter may or may not have a setting for the accuracy), but both tend to turn what should've been a smooth curve into an angled nightmare.

    If anyone knows a decent program or how to fix the thing in Ti-Nspire, please let me know!

    Thank you for your time and help

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    I use pocketCAS on the iPad and it seems to generate pretty smooth curves.

    Can you tell us what surface you're trying to plot?
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    i'ts not a surface, it's a parametric curve. 3 independent functions, one for each dimension.

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    SciLab? It's like MatLab... but it's free. I love SciLab...
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