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Looking for a specific math notation

  1. Mar 5, 2014 #1
    I'm trying to write a contracted general equation for an expandable equation. Just like there's the summation symbol for sums, is there something for multiplying terms?

    for example.. how do i contract the following?

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    Similar to the symbol used for summations (upper-case sigma), there's another symbol that is used for products (upper-case pi).
    $$\prod_{i = 1}^n C_i $$
    This would be a product with a finite number (n) of factors.

    If you meant this to be an infinite product, it would be
    $$\prod_{i = 1}^{\infty} C_i $$

    BTW, people generally don't use Roman numerals for indexes in mathematics expressions. What you wrote would usually be written as C1C2C3...
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    ah okay, thanks alot mark44!
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