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Looking for ballistics book. The physics of rockets, missiles, guns,

  1. Jun 13, 2013 #1
    I've just finished a course on Mechanics on my university and wish to apply that knowledge to learn more about rockets, missiles, firearms.. projectiles in general. Do you know any good book about the subject.
    How do missiles work? Why was the first ballistic missile ever invented only in WW2 the V-2? What calculations do you have to do when you launch a missile? What's its trajectory? What is it made of?
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    A book on aerodynamics might be useful, or on rocket engines. Why in WW2? Because you had a mad dictator interested in HUGE weapons, and it can be argued that the moon missions were also about doing something BIG. Rockets are expensive, probably no-one thought to use them beyond simple fireworks before that.

    What I could find in a very short time:

    Theoretical Aerodynamics by Milne-Thompson
    Handbook of Model Rocketry, Stine & Stine.
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