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Looking for chemical that can clean hard water stain on glass.

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    I have a very hard time cleaning out the hard water stain and soap scum on the shower door glass. I tried the normal cleaning spray. I tried using Vinegar( acetic acid), Lime juice (citric acid) with no luck at all.

    Any suggestion on what I can try?
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    Naval jelly, phosphoric acid, sulfamic acid and hydrochloric acid. If you have an aluminum edge on the door, I'd stick with the commercially available ones like Lime-A-Way, Sanivac, C-L-R or Lysol Power Toilet Bowl Cleaner.
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    Thanks for the reply, I definitely am not going to go with the strong acid, I tried the CLR lime and hard water already. I'll look into the Toilet bowl cleaner.

    Any possibility of the hard water and soap eat into the glass. I don't think so, but just double checking.

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    Be careful using acid to clean it if it is clear glass as acid tends to etch safety glass. Sunny Brite Classic is an excellent acid based hard water stain remover (if you, in fact, decide to use acid) and Sunny Brite II is formulated for use on safety glass and does an excellent job. Both are available on Amazon.
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