Looking for Economic data on oil exports and imports

  1. I was wondering if anyone could recommend a source for economic data where I can find a list of countries with where they export oil to, and how much per year. I use Mathematica, but their "CountryData" function doesn't have the functionality to do this.
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    The best source of that information will be the particular countries department of statistics.
  4. Alright, any other suggestions, I can manually conglomerate the data of different countries, but it's going to take longer. If it's on one site, I can grab and parse all of it.
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    The US Government has a whole department which deals with such data: the Energy Information Administration


    Commodities like petroleum are sold in world markets, where whoever has the asking price can purchase that commodity. Unless there is some sort of trade agreement between two countries which specifies that country A will supply country B with so many barrels of oil per year, oil may pass thru many different hands on its way from country A to country B.
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    Glad I could help.
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