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Looking for Grad Schools that do research in ClassMech

  1. Sep 15, 2014 #1
    Strange topic, I know, but that really is my field. Planetary Dynamics, to be exact. I need to look for schools to apply to soon, since I'm (hopefully) graduating in March next year and want to get out of here as soon as possible. Sadly, all I find are either doing research in nonrelated fields, or are simply impossible.

    I was told to read papers and see where they are affiliated but they are either a) not in a univeristy or b) 'no way in hell am i getting in there' or c) from 50 years ago.

    Now, I'm looking for specific schools or people I can ask for research. I also have a topic in mind (an extension of my BS thesis, really) but I don't know if I can just share it with people without the fear of someone else working on it.

    I'm a Physics undergrad from Philippines with mediocre GPA and not a lot of money for app fees. I can apply to five schools, at most. Even less if I HAVE to take the GRE Physics. Another option would be to take an MS literally anywhere and then go somewhere else that's good, but I don't know which ones will be, uh, desperate enough to accept someone like me. I know my current univeristy will fit that description, but I'd rather not come back there.

    I can't use connections because my advisers are a) a total nobody who has never set foot outside the country and b) an old man whose colleagues are either dead or retired (he's the one who gave me the classmech resesrch topic).

    help. D:

    also, I apologize for the typos, if any.
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    One tip: maybe google for "(analytic) celestial mechanics" instead of "planetary dynamics", quite a few (PhD) places pop up, usually in the math department (for example Saint-Petersburg in Russia, Santa Cruz in California, etc)

    Good luck!
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    Maybe http://arxiv.org/ will be helpful. See if you can find papers that look to be in your area.
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