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Looking for summer internship in physics

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    So, summer started and I don't have an internship or summer job. I graduate in December, and I have not yet had an internship. :( I'm a good student at a top ranking school, with a 3.65 GPA in Electrical Engineering, specializing in communications and signals. (Lot's of upper level classes--like I said, I graduate in December) I kept putting off the internship search thing, and started trying sending my resume everywhere in April, which I now realize was sort of late.

    Am I screwed? Is there any way I could possibly still find an internship for this summer? I go back to school September 20th. What's the best way to find an internship in this situation? It pretty much has to be in the SF bay area though.

    I'd almost do anything at this point. I'm panicked that without at least one internship it's going to be really hard finding a good job for when I graduate in December.

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    Re: Internship

    And if I don't magically find an internship for this summer (which is probably the most likely case), how screwed am I?

    If I graduate with near a 3.7 or so GPA from a prestigious university and a some independent research projects, but absolutely no internships/jobs, how hard will it be to find good employment when I graduate in December?

    I'm really starting to panic. Once I graduate, I will desperately need to make money as soon as possible. And I mean desperately (long story). Otherwise I would have gone to grad school.

    How bad shape am I in?
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    Re: Internship

    IMPORTANT- Don't freak out go to grad school if you don't want to (I did this and ended up leaving grad school without a degree because I didn't want to be there)

    I graduated in Aerospace Engineering without ever having an internship in anything other than some civil related internships (no design or anything of the like). It took a long time to get replies from companies for jobs. The hardest part is knowing where to look and being enthusiastic about what you want to do, and selling yourself. A well-written, targeted, enthusiastic cover letter will get you places.

    Also, if you can, try to contact people within the company you are trying to join and asking them some questions. Sometimes they will be nice enough to personally drop the resumes on the hiring managers desk. This doesn't always work, but when it does it will surprise you with how well it does work.

    But DO NOT FREAK OUT! Keep yourself occupied somehow with something besides job searching or you'll be a nervous wreck on your interviews.
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    Re: Internship

    Thanks, Greg. Being told not to freak out is probably exactly what I needed at this point. :smile:

    I guess I can't go back in time, so I'll just have to do everything in my power to get things done and see what happens.

    Thanks again.
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