Summer internship Definition and 15 Discussions

Summer Discovery, officially known as Musiker Discovery Programs is an American company that runs pre-college enrichment and middle school enrichment programs worldwide. The company is headquartered in Roslyn, New York.

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  1. quixote

    Other What to do as a research intern?

    Electrical undergrad here, done with my second year and due to multiple factors(mostly covid), I'm home for the summer of '21. By this time next year, I hope to get an internship(research) in a university that is for the summer of '22. I'm not very sure on what to do this summer other than...
  2. Replusz

    Physics Summer research internship in Physics

    I just finished my second year at a European University. I did some laser-related experimental summer research after first year, and am currently doing a condensed matter experimental summer research (both at European research institutes). Next year I would like to work at an Ivy League...
  3. TachyonLord

    Programs What and Where do I apply?

    So I'm an undergrad student from India pursuing physics, I'm currently in my first year and I'm really confused as to what I should do. I mean, I like physics, especially the computational aspect of it, but I don't know if I'll continue physics after three years. Summer's going to start soon and...
  4. astroman707

    Admissions Phyics REU personal statement critiques?

    I just finished my personal statement for physics REU applications, and I was wondering if anyone would be willing to read it and give it some critiques or general advice. If accepted, this will be my first REU. I'm applying to 10 schools. Thanks! *** Physics never actually caught my eye until...
  5. L

    Programs 2018 REU and Summer Program Acceptance Thread

    It is that time of year again. Here's a space to check on acceptances for REU programs or other summer jobs. SULI and SURF come to mind. I imagine most of them will start coming by the end of the month. What are you waiting on? What are you excited for? What do you wish you had applied for? What...
  6. P

    Schools How does a summer at the University of Arizona sound?

    So I have the opportunity to work at the University of Arizona this upcoming summer in High Energy Physics. This is an amazing opportunity since I get to spend a summer doing research at a university different than my own (although it will be unpaid). But I am wondering, how good will it be when...
  7. jennys

    Experience with Late SULI Letter of Recommendation?

    Has anyone had experience with applying for the SULI program with a professor submitting their recommendation late? I submitted and requested everything before the deadline, but one professor was late and her letter was refused. This was my top choice for the summer. I have a good GPA, 1.5 years...
  8. LeftMyHeartInErebor

    Other Summer Internships

    I'm trying to think ahead and start looking for summer internships, I'll be done with my sophomore year of physics by then. I know there are a lot out there, I know of a few, have stumbled on a few, how do I find more? I know that getting as much experience as possible is necessary for my...
  9. ramzerimar

    Engineering How to prepare for internships during 2nd year in MechE?

    I'm now heading towards the fourth semester in my Mechanical Engineering course, and I think it's a good time to start thinking about summer internships. Where I live, those usually happen in January-February, and companies start advertising their internship programs in september. I think it...
  10. Dayman

    Summer Internships (international)

    I'm a Junior International Student studying Physics and Econ at the University of Texas at Austin, just wondering if anyone here got into CERN, Fermi Lab or the UCLA internship(or other physics internship open to internationals!), what was your resume/gpa/credentials like when you applied? Just...
  11. E

    Medical Physics Placements

    Hi! I'm currently looking for a placement in Medical Physics, either Summer or year-long. It would preferably be either in the UK or New Zealand. I'm a second year BSc Physics with Medical Physics and achieved a First in my first year. Could anyone recommend any companies or hospitals that...
  12. T

    Job Skills DoE SULI Fall 2015

    I applied for the SULI program for this fall and I'm really antsy to find out if I got in or not. I applied at PNNL and LANL. Has anyone heard back about their acceptance yet?
  13. M

    Engineering or Physics internship?

    I'm a physics major but I can't seem to find any physics internships without having to travel long distances, so I was thinking about an engineering internship but I was wondering if that would be a smart move or not?
  14. H

    DoE/SULI acceptances?

    I applied to the DoE Summer Undergraduate Laboratory Internships for this summer. I chose PPPL as my first choice and LLNL as my second. Has anyone heard back from any lab yet? When should I expect to hear back? Thanks!
  15. A

    SULI Summer 2015

    Does anyone know how SULI's selection process works? On the application you list your top two choices for labs; does your application get sent to those two labs for the mentors to pick or is there some sort of prescreening by the DOE? Thanks.