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Calculators Looking for the ultimate calculator (affordable)

  1. Feb 29, 2008 #1

    I need a new graphing calculator, as universal as possible. So its not only an ellaborate graphing calculator but offers as many functions as possible and is of quality at the same time.

    Go ahead, suggest some. I'll look at all of them.

    PS: To give you a better idea of what I'm looking for I better tell you that I'm a scholar and thus looking for an appropriate calculator.
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    TI calculators are pretty much standard use. If you go with the other ones, you can run into trouble as many books show how to use the TI graphing calculators with specific problems. Though if you if don't mind taking the extra time to figure out how to use the calculator HP & Casio are decent. As for 'affordable," well you can find the older discontinued TI 81,82,85, & 86 calculators on ebay & amazon fairly cheap.
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    To be honest I don't have a clue what the prices actually are. I've taken a look at the TI-webpage just some minutes before I opened this thread, but just from looking at the facts and number I feel incapable of choosing one. Surely each of them has its dis- and advantages but I was hoping that you could name one of which you think that ot would fit a student.
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    Most students use the TI-83 or 84 now days. The 84 is just a bit more advanced, faster, more memory, and a few more functions. If you're a physics student, most of them us the TI-89 because it can do just about everything. The Voyager does a bit more, but also at a cost... usually TI-89 is what most use.
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    When you're ready, newegg.com
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    Thank you kuahji, Thank you rocophysics. I will get the 98 one. But have you heard of the NSpire TI? What is it? It ships with 20M of memory instead of about 2 from the 89 and has got a larger display.

    PS: Does a graphing calculator feature all major scientific functions a scientific calculator is capable of, or will I most likely need both?! I decieded to take another look at the HP product range and I like it.



    Edit: Looks like newegg doesnt ship to outside the US, unfortunally. Can you tell me an as-good and as-cheap reseller for Germany?
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    Just a lil update: I purchased the new HP50g. Thanks for your support.
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    Good choice. That's the best of the bunch and you won't outgrow it once you graduate. RPN really is a pleasure to use, once you get used to it.
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