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Calculators Calculator with physics programs?

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    Hi, I'm looking at a few models but I'm having a hard job seeing if any/all of them have a sort of Physics equation solver.

    For example, laws of motion, a calculator that could tell me for a set of given values what the value of s is when t=2.

    Or, say, for a given velocity curve - show the acceleration.

    I'm considering the Casio 9860GII, Casio CG10, TI-nspire CX (/CX CAS).

    It seems that there are third-party applications for the TI that would possibly do what I'm after - can't find anything like that for the Casios though?!

    I've never had a graphing calculator before so I don't know if this is a stupid question, of course they all solve physics problems as well.

    Thanks in advance,

    One other question, how necessary is CAS? I don't know whether I need it or not really, does non-CAS still solve to the same level as my Casio 991ES? ie can solve as long as there are numbers defined, but not in terms of a, b, and c?
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