Looking to study for a MPhys (Hons) degree in Physics with Nuclear Astrophysics.

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hi I'm a 28 year old looking to study for a MPhys (Hons) degree in Physics with Nuclear Astrophysics. i left school at 16 with good gcse`s all A`s and B`s (maths A physics A) but had to go into full time work to support myself. Would it be a problem getting onto a course without A levels and would it be possible to complete one part time and online??

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I think, without A levels, you'd first have to do a foundation year to bring your science knowledge up to A level standard, then if you get a good enough grade in that, you can move onto undergraduate level study.

That's how it works at my university anyway, and the foundation year is renowned for being really, really difficult.

I think you'd be able to find one to do part time, but I'm almost certain there won't be an online one. Online degrees aren't common in the UK, and the ones that exists are usually business/management types.

I think your best option would be a BSc degree in Natural Sciences from the Open University. They allow part time, distance learning, they don't require formal qualifications, and I think you could study almost all of what you could have studied in the first three years of an MPhys. Unfortunately, the only master's level physics qualification they provide is "Medical Physics".


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Hey Tommy

Im in a similar situation to yourself, Im looking to begin studying fulltime at university in Fall 2012, however I currently do not have the prerequisites for entry. So I got in contact with the university Im looking to studying at, and they advised me of some options. I could study 4 Highers (Scotland) and get AAAB, which given that im working fulltime is not practical in the slightest. The other option was to study an Open University course called "Exploring Science" as well as complete 2 part time Highers in Mathematics and Physics. This being much more practical and actually plausible as oppose to the first.

I think your best solution would be to get in contact with universities and see what they require for you to gain entry. Then work very hard to obtain those qualifications.

Good luck

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