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Losses when Object is moving through Pressurized Air

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    I am a grad student(engineering, but not mechanical), and I have a rather difficult question for an actual design I am working on. If you have an object moving 200-300MPH in a pressurized air tunnel(5-10 psi), besides the losses due to drag, what are the losses, if any, that occur on the object. I imagine there would be some heat losses, but I am trying to find out if they would be significant.

    For an analogous problem, what losses would there be on a floating puck in an air hockey game that is moving 0.1 m/s and floating above the surface(small holes push air upwards, making the puck hover). Just the drag of the air moving across the top and around the sides?
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    what kind of losses?? You already pointed out frictional losses.

    heat loss? yes, if the two things are at different temperatures. I think it ll rather heat up from viscous dissipation.
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