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Lost in Symmetry and Super Symmetry

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    Not getting symmetry at all. I keep reading over and looking for various materials on the subject, but I still can not seem to fully grasp it. Could someone explain what symmetry means in quantum mechanics in a way that a new learner can grasp?

    This question also applies to super-symmetry.

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    That subject isn't very easy, but this post might be useful. It could at least help you understand what a symmetry is. Chapter 2 of Weinberg's QFT book is also a pretty good place to learn about symmetries.
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    Thanks a ton!
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    You need to understand what symmetry means in classical physics first. Try to read post #10 in

    then go on and read the other posts in that thread.


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    After doing some reading, I have found what it essentially means. In a nutshell it means that the mathematical expressions of QM are "precise" to the definition of the phenomenon, unlike classical symmetry, which are approximations.

    My question now becomes, what is the reasoning that the the QM equations are symmetrical to nature, apart from statistical proof from experiments? Isn't it going a bit far to say that these equations are 100% exact to nature? This would necessitate infinite precision.

    I ask this from a mathematical standpoint, not an ontological one.
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