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News Love them Clueless Editorials, Sometimes

  1. Nov 10, 2006 #1
    Sometimes things like this really irk me.

    From http://opinionjournal.com/editorial/feature.html?id=110009222"
    Then, later in that same article, we get
    Just how stupid can editorials get? The Medicare debacle began life as precisely the same sort of "reform" they wanted to apply to Social Security. Thank god that effort went down in flames. I dread to think where it might otherwise have wound up.

    [edited to add] Just the increase in the cost of Medicare from the "reform" was greater than the entire Social Security problem is now.
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    Well the Republicans did kill the provision that the government would negotiate for lower prescription drug prices. The pharmaceutical companies made sure of that.

    The Republicans 'lost it' when they elected Dennis Hastert as speaker of the House, and then allowed Tom Delay ( :yuck: ) to become majority leader.
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    That blasted mediacre drug plan stinks not only because it is a windfall to the pharmaceutical companies, it is one the most confusing programs ever presented to the American people. Now we add the 65+ demographic who ended up dealing with it and it is a total piece of crap.

    Currently in Arizona there are 18 plans offered through 43 differen't companies. The Medicare drug plan is a good example of what happens when lobbyists are allowed to write the laws.
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    Report Warns of Medicare Drug Coverage Gaps
    2006 Benefit Could Anger Seniors Expecting More Help With Drug Costs, Analyst Says

    And the same people who wrote the legislation want to privatize Social Security?! I think NOT!

    As edward pointed out, lobbyists wrote the legislation to favor the pharmaceutical industry - which gave generously to lawmakers campaigns for 2004 and 2006.

    If one has elderly parents or grandparents, check with them regarding the cost of their medication and whether or not they have to choose between paying for medication and paying for food/utilities/rent, or if they are given 'cheaper, less effective' medication (as has been the case with my mother-in-law) in order to 'save' money.
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    And this is the same Medicare reform the Republican congress (just lost their majority) tried to kill, remember. Bush held the voting open very late (as the article even notes) in order to twist more arms. I think he was overseas at that time, but there were threatening phone calls made to specific members late at night in order to get the bill to pass.

    Reason? Bush didn't want to suffer a legislative defeat in an election year. He basically sold off a large chunk of the country's financial future with that bill just to help himself stay in office.

    That bill's passage was his baby, and his alone. The actual contents are nothing other than what you would expect from a divided Congress.
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    Well, the democrats were shut out of the process apparently, and Hastert and Delay just couldn't say no to Bush. So much of oversight. I think, Delay, Hastert et al, were enticed by the K-street cash.
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    The cost of the bill doesn't come from payments to drug companies. It comes from a much simpler source.

    There was a massive expansion of benefits. This is not hard to figure out.

    As to the source of said expansions, I believe there was a senator from Massachusetts from a long-established political family that spearheaded that little effort.
  9. Nov 11, 2006 #8
    A bill expanding benifits is one thing , but building in profits for pharmaceutical companies while at at the same time cutting payments made to doctors, is quite another.
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