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Lover of Math but dont know which career path to take

  1. Nov 6, 2014 #1
    I'm currently a sixth form student in Jamaica starting to think about career paths to take. I'm in love with math and I'm sure ill never drop out of love with it. But I'm a little uncertain about which career path to take. I was thinking of either doing acturial science but wonder if the job opportunities are there and if I will like working in the field. Also I have considers doing phyics and then medical physics but I also like programming. Which schools are the best for these interests? What are the job opportunities going to be like in the future? Pay scale? Any other suggestions of a career path to take? I currently take accounting, physics, pure math and computer science. I'm open to suggestions. :)
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    Thank you! I think I have decided to stick to medical physics but I know you have to do a bachelors in physics first. Which schools are the best in Canada and USA experience wise?
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