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Lyrebirds, leapord slug mating, rolling salamanders, etc

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    I can't believe I never knew these animals existed. I was hoping people on this forum could help me discover more.

    Leopard slug mating

    Rolling salamanders & caterpillars

    Velvet Worm

    Archer fish

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    I just realized I need to watch all of BBC's Weird Nature. But if you know any that haven't been on the show yet...
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    One of the best wildlife documentaries I have watched so far, Life, the BBC series. And with Sir Attenborough's narration if possible.
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    Wow thanks, I haven't heard of the parasitic wasps before. Amazing
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    Some of those clips are truly wonderful aren’t they? I vaguely remember the leopard slug, the archer fish and the lyre bird clips from when they were broadcast. The others I don’t think I’ve seen before. The National Geographic clip of the parasitic wasp larvae inside the caterpillar I haven’t seen either, but I have seen the same phenomenon shown on an Attenborough programme, and I remember finding it very disturbing. Oh I know I’m being too squeamish, its all part of life’s rich tapestry and so forth. But it also one of those ultimate nightmares – something that eats you from the inside and leaves nothing but a shell.
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