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M-Theory is that same as Superstring Field Theory?

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    Does anyone know if M-Theory is that same as Superstring Field Theory?
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    Re: M-Theory

    Haha does anyone knooooow?
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    Re: M-Theory

    As far as I know neither of these theories is completely understood. It is therefore unlikely that anyone knows if they are or are not "the same."
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    Re: M-Theory

    You might find the responses in this very old thread helpful. Someone asked basically the same question you did. I think the conclusion we came to was something like:

    - "Strin[g] field theory is a second quantized formulation of string theory... this is a very technical point to explain. In a nutshell, string field theory is a more general form[al]ism to do calculations in string theory. It's more of a technique than a new theory."

    - M-Theory is a variant of string theory with new structures, like an 11th spacetime dimension and the introduction of n-dimensional "branes" in addition to vanilla strings. Pre-M-Theory string theories can be found "inside of" M-Theory (that is, they are dual to special cases of M Theory).

    - The two do not have anything to do with each other.

    As far as I know String Field Theory techniques not widely used, but M-Theory has been the basis of virtually all string theory research for at least the last decade.
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