[Ma4b2] Isomerism in coordinate complexes cofusion

  1. Consider a complex with Central Metal atom M
    A and B are monodentate ligands .

    Consider a compound with formula as
    [M A4 B2] . Textbook and the web says there can be only 2 possible isomers of this compound .
    What I say is, why can't I in the first image put A on the top and bring B towards the bottom something like this
    [​IMG] .
    And them form these,

    That will give a total of 2 new ones I formed and the two old ones, 4 isomers .
    Why is this not possible, I mean why can't a occupy the two places ?
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  3. Borek

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    Are you sure the molecule you get after switching ligands is different from both original ones?
  4. Bummer! should've had checked once, yea they are the same.
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