Magnesium in concentrated and dilute saltwater

  1. Hello This is more of a chemistry question but I would like to know how a piece of magnesium will react with concentrained and delute saltwater, and what will be the products in each case?
    Please help, I cannot find any complete info on the web
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    It will be the same reaction in both cases (actually not different from the reaction with just water). The only difference will be kinetics - higher concentration of salt facilitates charge transfers, so it will most likely speed up the reaction.
  4. And what will be the products of the reaction? (gasses/solution)

    I think H2 bubbles will emerge from magnesium, is that right?
    Is there any Cl gas too?
    I always consider salt water for the reaction.
  5. Borek

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    You are on the right track. They will definitely appear, although not "from magnesium" - they will be produced on the magnesium surface as product of the reaction.

    Have you heard about reactivity series?
  6. Thank you I read the article on wikipedia about reactivity series.
    However it is not clear to me if only H2 gass will be produced by throwing Mg inside concentrated salt water. Does any Cl2 produced at all?
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    To get Cl2 you would need a strong oxidizing agent. The only thing you have is magnesium - is it oxidizer, or reducer?.
  8. Thanks a lot.
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