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Magnetic confinement of plasma ball

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    I was taught (In my old thread which was then closed by a mentor) that it is impossible to magnetically confine a plasma ball. But I've since then had an idea how it could be possible:
    Instead of using a steady magnetic field, use a rapidly rotating magnetic field.
    The field lines are always horizontal but are rotating around the vertical z axis.
    So at one point in time the there's confinement in the x and z axis, and a short time later it rotated to confinement in y and z axis. If rotating fast enough it should be possible to magnetically confine a plasma ball.
    To implement it use two magnetic bottles which cross each other orthogonally. One should run a sine wave while the other one runs a cosine. Such oscillations can be produced by two LC-circuits.
    Is there any reason this wouldn't work?
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