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Magnetic Field Problem Urgent HELP PLEASE

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Magnetic Field Problem!!! Urgent!!!!!!! HELP!!! PLEASE!!!

MAGE IS ATTACHED!!! COPY URL into address bar..
harmonphys.info/magnetism%20problems.doc [Broken]

The magnitude of the magnetic field in teslas at a distance d from a long straight wire carrying a current I is given by the relation B = 2 X 10 7 I/d. The two long straight wires shown above are perpendicular, insulated from each other, and small enough so that they may be considered to be in the same plane. The wires are not free to move. Point P, in the same plane as the wires, is 0.5 meter from the wire carrying a current of 1 ampere and is 1.0 meter from the wire carrying a current of 3 amperes.
a. What is the direction of the net magnetic field at P due to the currents?
b. Determine the magnitude of the net magnetic field at P due to the currents.

A charged particle at point P that is instantaneously moving with a velocity of 106 meters per second toward the top of the page experiences a force of 10 7 newtons to the left due to the two currents.
c. State whether the charge on the particle is positive or negative.
d. Determine the magnitude of the charge on the particle.
e. Determine the magnitude and direction of an electric field also at point P that would make the net force on this moving charge equal to zero.

Heres what I got so far!

A) I used the Right Hand Rule and I got Into the Page
B) Im not sure but I think you would use B=2E-7(I)/(r) where r the distance from the origin to point P where i get r=1.12m and I=3A and I got B=5.366E-7T but im wondering if i have to do it again for the 1A current and them add them
C) Positive. right hand rule
D)would you use F=qvB where force equals 2E-7(I)(I)(length of wire)/(r)
E) I got out of the page because the magnetic field is into the page and I'm having a lot of trouble with the reast of part E
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Re: Magnetic Field Problem!!! Urgent!!!!!!! HELP!!! PLEASE!!!

We do not spoon feed homework here. Show your attempts at a solution and we will try to help.

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