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Magnetic fields and gravitons ?

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    This might sound crazy , but could a magnetic field exchange gravitons with something
    else , or can a magnetic field emit gravitons , And when a photon is emitted from the B field is the gravitational field from the B field transferred to the photon and then carried away by the photon .
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    someone has to have some input on this , Any input will be much appreciated.
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    Magnetic fields ARE photons.

    I don't really know the answer to your question quantum mechanically, but classically, having a B field means there's an energy density u = |B|^2/2mu_0. An energy density contributes to the stress-energy tensor, and thus, by Einstein's equation, produces curvature. My naive intuition regarding the corresponding theory would tell me that yes, the field should be able to couple to gravitons.
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    I thought that photons were the excitation of the magnetic field.

    Are you saying that magnetic fields can diffract .
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