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Homework Help: Magnetic Force on Electric Currents

  1. May 7, 2016 #1
    1. A current in a wire which has a length of 2.00m in a magnetic Field of 0.030 Teslas, feels a magnetic force of 0.810 Newtons. What is the current in the wire?

    2. F=IlB, Find I

    3. F= 0.810, l= 2.00m, B= 0.030 T, I=? (A)
    I= l x B I= 2.00m x 0.030 T I= 0.074 A
    F 0.810
    Not really sure if the setup is correct.
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    Simon Bridge

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    The question is poorly worded ... it should be more that 2m of a wire carrying a current passes through a 0.030T uniform magnetic field and experiences a force of 0.810N... what is the current? (Missing: orientation of the wire to the field.)

    You appear to have started with the correct approach: F=ILB
    You know F, L, and B: so solve for I and plug the numbers in.
    (assuming the current is oriented 90deg to the field.)

    I don't know why you wrote I=lxBI or how you got I=0.074A
    Because of the way you have written your algebra, your thinking is unclear: this would cost you marks.
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