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Magnetic Monopole (Magnetic Charge)

  1. Feb 24, 2014 #1
    An electric charge produces a Coulomb electric field:
    E = dqe r/r3

    A current element produces a Biot-Savart magnetic field
    B = i dl×r /r3

    From what I understand, magnetic charges are inserted for the sake of making Maxwell's equations symmetric.

    A magnetic charge is meant to produce a Coulomb magnetic field:
    B = dqm r /r3

    So if magnetic monopoles are allowed, shouldn't there also be an analogous version of the electric current element that produces a Biot-Savart electric field?

    E = ie dl×r /r3

    What would such a thing be called? Where would I find information about these kinds of objects?
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    I saw that before I made this thread. That's not quite as much information as I'd hoped.

    I was hoping for sort of like an introduction on the subject. For example, the first textbook I ever learned E/M out of is by Arthur Kip. Each chapter is organized in two parts. First, they present a law (for example, Coulomb's law). Then, they provide examples (for example, they'll give sample distributions and then show the resulting electric field using Coulomb's law). There are also some nice visualizations.

    That kind of information.
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