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Magnetic spaceship launcher for antarctic mountain idea

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    why not launch space ships with a sort of magnetic rail system so that you don't have to launch fuel with you
    a ship coated in resin would survive the atmosphere and because of its elevated location on a mountain the atmosphere would already be much thinner
    the length of the rail is a slight problem though because a straight rail is 72,000,000 meters / newtons per kilogram long to achieve 12,000 meters per second
    for a human in ideal conditions 10 times gravity is the best ever achieved for any extended period of time which would require a track 736 kilometers long
    however this could be used to send equipment into space in bulk and would be much cheaper per launch than using rockets
    at 1000 times earths gravity the track would be just over 7 kilometers long and would fit almost entirely on the mountain side
    so anyways just though i'd share for the sake of discussion
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