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Spaceship Earth (or Spacecraft Earth or Spaceship Planet Earth) is a worldview encouraging everyone on Earth to act as a harmonious crew working toward the greater good.

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  1. C

    Finding speed of spaceship traveling to star ##a## light years away

    For this problem, My working, (a) ##d = a~ly = ac~y## ##v = \frac{d}{\Delta t} = \frac{ac}{b} \frac{m}{s}## (b) Lorentz factor is ##γ = \frac{1}{1 - \frac{a^2}{b^2}}## Thus time dilation is ##\Delta t = \frac{b}{1 - \frac{a^2}{b^2}} y##, however, I think my arugment is only valid if ##a >> b##...
  2. Strato Incendus

    Writing: Input Wanted Number of Androids on Spaceships

    Whether Data in Star Trek, C3PO in Star Wars, Isaac in The Orville, or Arthur in Passengers: It seems to be a common trope that a spaceship always has “that one android character”. For Star Wars, in particular, C3PO is the only named humanoid droid in the main movies; R2-D2 and all the other...
  3. S

    Speed of Message Relative to a Space Station: Relativistic Addition

    u is the speed of the message relative to the station v is the speed of the spaceship relative to the station u’ is the speed of the message relative to the spaceship u=(-0.5c+0.7c)/(1+((-0.5c)(0.7c))/c^2 ) =0.2c/0.65=0.308c This just seems way too high, and I'm not sure if I'm doing it...
  4. I

    B A Scenic Trip as a Spaceship at 0.999...c, and questions that arise

    Hello there! I have a few questions that lead up to one significant problem that's been in my head for a long time. Many physics students will probably have had the same questions during their studies :biggrin: The scenario is a spaceship, that travels away from Earth at 0.999...c 🚀. Due to...
  5. Strato Incendus

    The interior design of the central trunk of a ring spaceship

    For all the attention we‘ve paid to ring habitats, we haven’t talked that much about the interior design of the central trunk yet, around which the rings rotate. Just having one big hollow ship trunk, about 100 metre in diameter, would be a lot of wasted space. It would also be too easy for...
  6. S

    Best position for a cockpit? (in a spaceship doing high G maneuvers)

    I'm currently reading the expanse and thinking a lot about how the spaceships are built. As far as I understand, the cockpit and control room sit on top of the ship (with the ships beeing built like skyscrapers). Now since there are no windows, I feel like the cockpit doesn't need to be in the...
  7. O

    NASA's DART spaceship has hit the Dimorphos asteroid: what now?

    NASA's appropriately named "DART" space mission (for "Double Asteroid Redirection Test"), funded at some 330,000,000 worth of USA taxpayers' dollars, has been, as far as we know at these still early days, successful in its various planned goals: to navigate to the asteroid Dimorphos, then hit it...
  8. A

    I Speed of Light: Spaceship & Gravity Law Impact

    A ship that moves at a speed very close to light, its relative mass increases and may be comparable to the mass of the planets or the sun, in this case it can change the orbit of the planets and the sun (according to the law of gravity of two bodies) Is this analysis correct?
  9. Strato Incendus

    Docking spaceships to ring habitats

    As a result of one of our previous discussions, I had drastically cut down the distance between the six rings of my fictional generation ship Exodus to a mere 5 metres. Only recently did it occur to me that the airlocks on each ring existed primarily to allow the first crew to board the ship...
  10. malawi_glenn

    (Introductory SR) Light sent from a spaceship received by Earth

    I am taking a summer course on special relativity and I stumbled across this problem and solution which I tought look neat. However, I think the solution provided for a) there is wrong. I will here present two of my solutions for a) and one solution for b) and ask if you think mine are okay? :)...
  11. Strato Incendus

    Wood as a precious resource on spaceships

    A lot of fictional examples of interstellar spaceships, be they generation ships or sleeper ships, have some sort of arboretum. However, those often just tend to be places for recreation, like a forest for joggers. Or, if the ship is transporting any animals, too, those might inhabit the...
  12. Dinarchik

    Alien spaceship wormhole gravitational waves detector

    Recently viewed video about wormholes that required negative energy to create it. Suppose hypothetical aliens have discovered this technology. Spaceship enters in first point and exit at second. To prevent spaceship destruction they might have technology to smooth gravitational waves on exit...
  13. A

    I Weightless or Heaviness Descent into Planet spaceship

    I was working on something where I was trying to imagine an astronaut flying into Jupiter. I convince myself that as the spaceship descends, as it slows down, whether or not the astronaut feels heavier or feels more weightless. I believe the answer is that the astronaut will feel heavier and I...
  14. R

    B Free fall floating in a closed spaceship near a gravity source

    Floating inside a closed spaceship, no windows, not knowing if I'm free falling near a gravity source or far away from any gravity source, are there any experiments that can be made, to determine if there is a gravity source near and if there is such an experiment, to determine the gravity...
  15. A

    A Orbiting spaceship just above a black hole horizon

    The experiment I am thinking about is a spaceship that approaches the horizon of a supermassive black hole by firing its engines in the opposite direction of its motion. I have the following questions: 1. When the ship is in a stable orbit, just above the horizon, how would an observer far away...
  16. David Lewis

    B Light Speed Traveling: Cosmic Background Radiation Effects

    If a spaceship travels near the speed of light, could the frequency of cosmic background radiation blue-shift?
  17. Leo Liu

    I A scientific analysis of stopping the spin of Discovery One spaceship

    I have been reading 2010: The Year We Make Contact, a sci-fi book belonging to a classic series by Arthur Clarke. The book involves a myraid of scientific concepts so I think it is worth it to verify if the scenes would be feasible in the real word. In this thread I'd like to focus on the scene...
  18. A

    Can a Palladium Foam Parachute Slow Down a Spaceship Traveling at 0.4c?

    Ship is traveling at .4c. It is medium sized, about 1500 tons displacement. One way I want to slow down is using a parachute of sorts to use the drag from the interstellar medium. This doesn't have to be the majority of the deceleration, just a small part. A percent a year is fine. What I...
  19. M

    B When does the perspective from the cockpit of a spaceship change?

    Hi, Maybe this is a foolish question but I am not able to wrap my mind around it. I imagining a spaceship approaching the Earth as shown below. The ship is planning to land at the red cross in the first picture, somewhere in Europe. I think, from this distance the pilot must feel that he is...
  20. F

    Spaceship is approaching the Earth with an unknown speed

    I started by finding the main events: Sending the first message Receipt the first message Sending the second message Receipt the second message Now, what we know is the time by ##S'## (comoving frame with the spaceship) ##T_1'## and ##T_2'## remaining to arrive to the Earth measured at...
  21. Sabertooth

    "Astronomical Calculus" Spaceship Dilation problem

    Hi everyone. I have provided myself a problem that I insist on solving, however, I want to do it "the right way" where I can put every parameter into a calculator and get an answer quickly. I pondered doing it manually and figured that it could be done to a reasonable precision in an hour or...
  22. P

    Plot the space-time diagram of a photon and a spaceship

    Be the red point this spacecraft , the purple line the world line with slope = 2 and the green point a photon thrown towards the Earth from the spacecraft , would this spacetime diagram ok? (distance would be 1.2 billion km, and the time, 1000 times of shown, but scale is badly displayed, even...
  23. B

    Best Raw Propellant Sources For A Scifi Spaceship

    Rocketry is not good enough for the standard scifi spaceship that can take off and land like it pleases with high payloads. Yet I still like rocketry because I like the fiery exhaust plumes. So I am considering linking the spaceship's rocket engine to a portal linked to to a planetary...
  24. Haorong Wu

    The speed of a spaceship flying through dust

    The given solution is: However, I could not agree this solution, and my solotion is: So which one is correct? it seems a exponential decay would be more convincing. Thanks!
  25. Like Tony Stark

    Spaceship approaching Mars and relative motion

    As the problem asks for the spaceship's perspective, I know that I should take ##\vec v_S=0## and ##\vec v_M=24.1-19.3## because the motion is relative to the spaceship. Then, the relative velocity of Mars and ##SM## should have the same direction. If they have the same direction, that angle...
  26. Arman777

    I How Does Time Dilation Affect Space Travel Duration?

    Let us suppose a spaceship moving from Earth to another star that is 10ly away with a speed of 0.99c. Calculate the of years spaceship takes to reach its destination (a) in the rest frame of an observer on Earth and (b) as perceived by a passenger on board the ship For (a) I find that ##t_0 =...
  27. Efeguleroglu

    Where's my mistake? (Lorentz Transformation for a moving spaceship)

    That's what I found. But the answer is arctan(sinθ*sqrt(1-v^2/c^2)/(cosθ+v/c))
  28. Suppaman

    B Does my speedy spaceship (.999+C) have a temperature?

    I assume that as time is moving much slower on the ship and that may affect the frequency of heat radiation. I am not sure how to phrase the question because I do not want to assume any answers. I did ask Mr. Google but no results.
  29. C

    Ship & Wormhole: Exploring Physics Homework

    Hello everybody, I am sorry, but I need your help with my physics homework. I will be very happy if somebody could help me. 1. Homework Statement Task: The ship passed through the wormhole. The “new” temperature of cosmic microwave background is T = 0,3 K. The curvature of the universe is...
  30. D

    B How Do You Calculate the Final Vector of a Rock Ejected from a Spaceship?

    I fly in a spaceship on a 2d plane (for simplicity sake) in zero G. I eject a rock 90 degrees right to my forward vector. What does the equation look like if I want the final vector of the rock? I know the final speed of the rock is 100. What variables need to be known about the ship and rock?
  31. T

    B Another spaceship and two points question....

    Sorry if this has been done elsewhere but I haven't seen it. Case: At the start a craft with a pilot is collocated at a position with a clock A with a second clock B one light hour away synchronized with A. All are motionless relative to each other. Clock A reads noon and B reads 11am. Good...
  32. G

    Rate of Air Loss Through a Hole in a Spaceship

    Homework Statement We want to calculate the rate of air loss from a space vehicle (module) if a meteoroid punches a hole in it. Assume the module is sealed off from other modules. It is shaped like a cylinder roughly 4 m in diameter and 10 m long. The hole's area is a cm2. The hole is punched...
  33. David Lewis

    B Bell's Spaceship Paradox & Length Contraction

    You and two identical spaceships are all at rest with respect to each other. You note that the two engines start up at the same time, and the thrust curve and acceleration profile of both spaceships are identical. As the ships pick up speed, would you measure the ships to be shorter than their...
  34. Zephaniah

    B Comparing Ages: Spaceship Rider vs Earthbound

    Who is older? The one who rides at the spaceship or the one who is left on earth?
  35. M

    Special Relativity spaceship problem

    Homework Statement Mavis boards a spaceship and zips Stanley on Earth a constant speed of 0.600c at the instant mavis passes, both start timers. At the instant mavis reads 0.400 s on her timer, what does Stanley read on his? Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution since time from an...
  36. P

    A Rocket Motor Placement SR: Effects on Spaceship Acceleration

    I recall reading that in the context of special relativity, one will notice differences in the acceleration of an idealized born-rigid spaceship when one compares two identical spaceships, one with the rocket motor mounted in front, the other with the rocket motor mounted in the rear. I'm...
  37. J

    Tension of Rope: Cosmonaut & Spaceship Orbit in Planetary Gravity

    Homework Statement What is the tension of this rope? Cosmonaut m=100kg is outside of spaceship M=5 tons on rope with length 64m. Cosmonaut along with his spaceship moves in orbit at a neglible distance. m=100kg M=5000kg L=64m Planet's mass 6*10^24 Planet's radius 6400km Homework Equations...
  38. CricK0es

    How would I calculate how close a ship can approach the sun?

    Homework Statement It's not a piece of homework, I'm doing a project and I've been wondering how I may be able to show it mathematically. I've covered the material before but it was a long long time ago... Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution [/B] A-Thinking about modelling my "ship"...
  39. T

    Light Signal Travels Between Earth and a Spaceship

    Hi All, An observer, F, stands on Earth. A spaceship, F', is also on Earth. Their clocks are set at 0. The spaceship then leaves Earth at .5c. After 10 seconds, F sends a light signal to F'. As soon as F' receives the signal, F' sends a light signal back. When does F receive this signal from...
  40. S

    How noticeable is an interstellar spaceship in cruise?

    From Pirx´s Tale: What actually was found inside the swarm, though: But the conclusion was: No evidence whatever, in short. The Earth of Pirx´ Tale could not spot a dead ship - an asteroid-like object - at a distance of 400 million km. It was only through chance presence of a spaceship...
  41. D

    Maximum mass value possible to fuel a spaceship

    Homework Statement We are given that a spaceship converts mass directly to light (emitted backwards) in order to accelerate. If an energy mc^2 has been converted to light ( from the Earth's reference frame) then what is the final speed of the ship (w.r.t. Earth) if the ship's rest mass is M and...
  42. P

    I Spaceship moves away from the Earth

    Spaceship moves away from the Earth at a constant speed of 300 m/s. How long would it take for a clock on the Earth to differ from a clock in the spaceship by 1 second.
  43. infinitebubble

    I Micro Black Holes and Dark Matter as fuel for spaceship?

    I've been reading several ideas postulated by some researchers using either Dark Matter and or a micro Black Hole as energy sources to power a future spacecraft . 1) using dark matter as fuel to power a spacecraft by taking dark matter into a cavity and shrinking it to critical point using...
  44. Cathr

    I Frames of Reference and Time Perception in Space Travel

    Suppose I'm an observer out in space and 30 km from me there's another observer, who is static with respect to me. Let's say my name is A and the other is B. We're both far far away from all the cosmical objects that might have a gravitational influence on us. We both notice a spaceship flying...
  45. LaurelAnnyse

    Future of Space Travel: Ideas for a Fresh Take

    Yeah, pretty much what the title says. Who has cool ideas for the future of space travel?
  46. P

    A Bell's spaceship paradox: after the thread breaks....

    When Bell says that the thread in put under "intolerable stress" and breaks, what happens then? Suppose that instead of the thread there is a light rod, which breaks at the point of attachment to the back spacecraft , so it is left sticking out backwards from the front spacecraft .. In the...
  47. flamespirit919

    Decelerating Force of Dust on Spaceship - Conservation of Momentum

    Homework Statement A spaceship of frontal area 25 m2 passes through a cloud of interstellar dust at a speed of 1.0x106 m/s. The density of dust is 2.0x10-18 kg/m3. If all the particles of dust that impact on the spaceship stick to it, find the average decelerating force that the impact of the...
  48. A

    Relativity: Spaceship travel times and distances

    Homework Statement A star is 95.0 year lights away from Earth. How much time does it take to a cosmic ship, which moves with speed 0.96 c, to reach the star, if it is measured from a watcher from a) Earth a)ship c)What si the distance of trip, based on the viewer from the ship? Homework...
  49. R

    I A spaceship traveling close to the speed of light sending some data....

    A spaceship traveling at speed of light close to speed of light (wrt inertial reference frame) sending some data every second on their clock to people who are stationary (wrt inertial reference frame). At what time these people would receive this data on their own clock? Let's say for a second...
  50. T

    Special Relativity spaceship problem

    Homework Statement You are on Earth as a spaceship flies past at a speed of 0.99c relative to the earth. A high-intensity signal light on the ship blinks on and off, each pulse lasting 2.2 × 10^(−6) s, as measured on the spacecraft . Your laboratory on Earth has a length of 56.4m. How long...