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  1. C

    Ship and wormhole

    Hello everybody, I am sorry, but I need your help with my physics homework. I will be very happy if somebody could help me. 1. Homework Statement Task: The ship passed through the wormhole. The “new” temperature of cosmic microwave background is T = 0,3 K. The curvature of the universe is...
  2. CricK0es

    How would I calculate how close a ship can approach the sun?

    Homework Statement It's not a piece of homework, I'm doing a project and I've been wondering how I may be able to show it mathematically. I've covered the material before but it was a long long time ago... Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution [/B] A-Thinking about modelling my...
  3. Cathr

    I Changing frames of reference

    Suppose I'm an observer out in space and 30 km from me there's another observer, who is static with respect to me. Let's say my name is A and the other is B. We're both far far away from all the cosmical objects that might have a gravitational influence on us. We both notice a spaceship flying...
  4. LaurelAnnyse

    Futuristic Space Travel

    Yeah, pretty much what the title says. Who has cool ideas for the future of space travel?
  5. Lars Hansen

    B Voyager 1

    For how long will we still be able to communicate with the amazing Voyager 1?
  6. chi_rho

    Travelling to Mars at constant velocity? Weightless?

    If I'm travelling on a spaceship at a constant velocity (say 10000 m/s) towards Mars will I feel weightless, or will I feel nearly weightless because I will still be slightly affected by gravity? I know that when astronauts are in the ISS they feel weightless because they are in a constant...
  7. G

    Observing from Earth the clock in a spaceship

    Homework Statement A spaceship leaves Earth at time ##t=0## with constant speed ##u##. Its clock is synchronized with the terrestrial one. At time T an earthling reads with an optical telescope the clock inside the spaceship. What value does he read? Homework Equations Lorentz equations. The...
  8. 1977ub

    Clocks Within Each Ship in Bell Spaceship Paradox

    I believe length contraction always makes more sense when integrated with reminders of relativity of Simultaneity. Let's say the engines are at the back end of each rocket. For the viewer "A" in the initial frame, they begin moving and continue accelerating simultaneously, and clocks next to...
  9. Zack Davis

    Relativistic Thought Experiment

    Let's imagine say, a spaceship is going through space at 99% the speed of light. Relativity says (to my understanding) that as the spaceship increases in speed it's mass will increase and it shall also get slightly shorter. Let's assume that energy isn't a problem, should the spaceship continue...