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A grenade launcher is a weapon that fires a specially-designed large-caliber projectile, often with an explosive, smoke or gas warhead. Today, the term generally refers to a class of dedicated firearms firing unitary grenade cartridges. The most common type are man-portable, shoulder-fired weapons issued to individuals, although larger crew-served launchers are issued at higher levels of organisation by military forces.Grenade launchers can either come in the form of standalone weapons (either single-shot or repeating) or attachments mounted to a parent firearm, usually a rifle. Larger crew-served automatic grenade launchers such as the Mk 19 are mounted on tripods or vehicles.
Some armored fighting vehicles also mount fixed arrays of short range, single-shot grenade launchers as a means of defense.

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  1. madeforarcade

    I Why does my ball launcher spin the ball and not launch it (air)?

    Hi, We have tried to create various models of a "pingpong ball launcher" that works on a burst of air from a standard compressor. Each version we tried to build results in the pingpong ball spinning inside the tube instead of launching out of the tube (bernoulli ?) We varied the air pressure...
  2. A

    Ball launcher question - ENERGY

    I got 12/12 on the above part^ And as for the mathematical solution below I got 5/6 and then 2.5/3 for the conclusion.
  3. aspodkfpo

    An error made in a kinematics question about a spring launcher?

    Genevieve the galah wants to test out her new creation - the Nifty Numbat Launcher. It consists of a large, ideal spring with equilibrium length l1 = 1.7 m and spring constant k=41 N/m. The spring rests upon a ramp of length l1 inclined at an angle β=30∘ to the horizontal. The spring is attached...
  4. C

    Ideal Ball weight to get the maximum range from a ball launcher?

    Hello guys, i am building a ball launcher to proper a line of baits into the sea, the line has 25 baits, each bait weights 30 grams (about 1oz) ideal shooting degree seems to be 45 to get maximum range, What I would like to figure out is the ideal weight of the ball to achieve the greatest...
  5. W

    High-Accuracy & High-Precision Launcher for Ping Pong Balls?

    I'm looking for recommendations for a relatively low-budget launching mechanism design for launching ping pong balls with high accuracy and high precision (able to consistently land within a 0.5 cm radius of a fixed point located about 30 cm away from the launcher). I've tried constructing a...
  6. M

    B Calculations relating to a pneumatic launcher

    Hello, and thanks for reading. Any help with this will be greatly appreciated. One of my hobbies is amateur radio. We often use wire for antennas, and getting those wires up in high places can be a challenge. I built a pneumatic "launcher" for this purpose, using ideas from others who have...
  7. R

    What is the equation for a spring launcher?

    I am really stuck and confused. I just need the equation. Thanks! Here is my attempt at solving: PEspring = 1/2m(Vx^2 +Vy^2)
  8. V

    Class Project: Marble Ball Launcher [Help]

    What I'm here to find out: I am in the early stages of a physics project to build a electric circuit or use an electrical source to power the force that will carry a marble throughout the mechanical portion of the project, going through linear acceleration and circular motion. I'm not sure what...
  9. A

    Tennis Ball Launcher: Build a Mechanical Launcher

    I have a project which consists in making a tennis ball launcher for training kids (6-12 years), but there is a catch, the mechanism can't have any elastic parts (springs, bands, rubber). It has to be purely mechanical. I need help
  10. bob012345

    Very Low Frequency EM Waves (now: Magnetic Launcher)

    Is it possible to make very low frequency EM waves, say 10 KHz, without an antenna the size of Texas? Something more human sized? Thanks.
  11. I

    Solving for Angle to Destroy Rocket Launcher

    Homework Statement A patrol boat off a coast is ordered to destroy a rocket launcher that sits on the roof of 40-meter tall building. The horizontal distance between the boat and the rocket launcher is 1500 meters. The muzzle velocity of the patrol boat’s stabilized 30-mm cannon is 141...
  12. T

    Air-powered water balloon launcher, Which weights to use?

    Hi all, first post. Bare with me. I've got a simple air compressor-powered water balloon launcher made using PVC. It works extremely well. But, I'm needing to make some "sighting charts" to predict where everything will land based on angle, loaded psi, size of balloon---and the wadding...
  13. Kaura

    Designing a Disc Golf Launcher: Feasible & Accurate?

    For my Engineering class I have to work with three other people to design a device that launchers a disc golf. So far we have a basic design plan but we are unsure if it is actually viable. Essentially there will be a platform that holds the disc in place and will be propelled by 2 to 4...
  14. P

    Most accurate mid-range projectile launcher

    < Mentor Note -- thread moved to HH from the technical physics forums, so no HH Template is shown > Hello everyone, I am a mechanical engineering student and was given the task to design a very accurate projectile launcher within a distance of 10 to 20 meters. It should be adjustable within...
  15. D

    Automated tennis ball launcher for my dog

    Hi all, I thought I would post my thoughts/progress on designing and building an automatic tennis ball launcher for my dog. The little fella gets a bit bored during the day when we are at work, so I want to build him this so he has something to do other than push a basketball around the...
  16. K

    Hydraulic piston force as a function of angle for a launcher

    Hello, A friend of mine challenged me with a question related to erection of missile launcher. For some reason and after too long struggling with it i gave up and trying now to figure out what is the point that I'm missing. The task is to fine the force that the piston is "feeling" as function...
  17. blixel

    Class Project: Tennis Ball Launcher

    What I'm here to find out I am in the early stages of planning for a tennis ball launcher I'm doing with my group for a class project. I want to find 2 cheap electric motors that will spin fast enough, and have enough torque, so that I can attach some wheels to the spinning motors for the...
  18. S

    T-shirt launcher and Projectile motion

    Hello, One more question, this time it's about projectile motion. Could someone please check my answer to this problem. All my work and applicable equations are shown in the pictures below. If my answer is wrong, please provide me with guidelines for solving the problem. I'm not expecting...
  19. V

    A Projectile Launcher (baseball hit at a 45 degree angle to the horizontal)

    Homework Statement [/B] A baseball player hits a ball 200.0m home run. The ball travels at angle of 45° with the horizontal just after being hit. Determine the initial speed. Assume the ball lands the same height it was hit. 2. Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution I am not sure how...
  20. P

    Ring launcher conceptual question

    Homework Statement When an aluminum ring is placed on ring launcher so that it surrounds the coil, it flies upward when a AC current is applied to the coil. This does not occur when the intact ring is replaced by a split ring (see below). Explain this in 3 sentences or less. Feel free to use as...
  21. R

    Pumpkin/bowling ball launcher questions:

    I'm trying to figure out a way to get better results in a "pumpkin launching" contest. The goal is to launch an 8-12 lb pumpkin (or bowling ball) as far as possible.One method is going to use elastic, bungee or large rubber/latex bands as the method of propulsion. The problem is there are...
  22. B

    Calculating Launcher Mass from Projectile Acceleration

    Homework Statement A projectile launcher fires a projectile horizontally from a platform which rests on a flat, icy, frictionless surface. Just after the projectile is fired and while it is moving through the launcher, the projectile has an accelleration of 25m/s^2. At the same time, the...
  23. M

    Is a Magnetic Levitation Space Launcher Possible?

    Hello all! I have longed envisaged a new type of space launching device, one that would be reusable and cheap to operate.My idea is to have a large set of concentric circular tubes laid horizontally in some desert or something. The spaceship would use magnetic levitation to float in the tubes...
  24. P

    Project: Ball Launcher - Calculate Torque and RPM

    Hi! I am making a physics project and I need to throw a ball to a target which is 5 meters ahead. I will use 2 counter rotating wheels to throw the ball but I have no idea what should motors torque or rpm should be. I tried to calculate it with determining the velocity first but the ball needs...
  25. A

    Ball Launcher Project for school (hit the target)

    << Mentor Note -- this thread is temporarily being allowed in the technical Engineering forums as long as the OP does the bulk of the work >> Here's the deal, I have to create a device that can launch ball, that bounces into a target that is 5 meters away. The targets are circular, one is 22"...
  26. A

    How to Build a Ping Pong Projectile Launcher for Maximum Distance?

    1. The shape of the ping pong launcher I think is 'catapult' but I don't know the suitable size and the materials need to use. The ping pong ball need to be launch to a distance of 4m and 10m respectively. What are the size and materials used is most suitable to launch the ping pong ball this far ?
  27. A

    Magnetic Launcher HW: Find Constant Current Flow

    Homework Statement A sort of 'projectile launcher' is shown in the figure above. A large current moves in a closed loop composed of fixed conducting rails, a power supply, and a very light, almost frictionless metal bar touching the rails. A magnetic field is perpendicular to the plane of the...
  28. S

    Spring launcher equation to find x

    Homework Statement In my physics 12 class, we were given a spring and had to launch it at an angle into a target (the object launched is the spring itself). The target was on the floor level but the spring was launched from above the floor level. I need to find out how far to pull the spring...
  29. C

    Projectile launcher theory. ideas?

    Heres a design I put together a year ago and it got figured out to the point i might be able to make a prototype. What are some design flaws you guys might be able to point out, or some advice you think I could use.
  30. 2

    Sending a satellite to Jupiter?

    Homework Statement "In order to launch a space probe out of the solar system, it is decided to send it close to Jupiter. Why does this reduce the amount of fuel needed?" Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution I can't think of anything at all. I am trying to think in terms of it gaining...
  31. Y

    Build a Tennis Ball Launcher: Trebuchet vs Spring Cannon

    Hey all, I need to build a launcher that is capable of throwing a tennis ball over a 1 meter high wall and hit a target 2 meters away. I realize there are some threads already discussing this, but my question is more based on the type of launcher. Would a trebuchet or a spring powered cannon be...
  32. B

    How to find the muzzle velocity of a launcher?

    I'm currently working a lab that requires me to find the muzzle velocity (initial velocity) of my launcher. The only information I have is the launch angle, horizontal distance, maximum height and time. Is there a specific equation that I have to use? Should I be using trig equations with...
  33. L

    How to find angle of launcher in order to hit target?

    This is the problem: I have a marble launcher that is 1.17 m tall and it needs to hit a target that is 3.645 m away. What should the angle of the launcher be set to in order to hit the target? *Marble is launched at a height of 1.17 m. What I don't understand: How can I solve this without...
  34. J

    Projectile Launcher Project: Solutions Needed

    Hello! So my class is doing a projectile launcher project, in which you build a launcher and have to hit a certain target, constantly, each time. I already based mine off an air compressor. It's a copper tube attached to an air compressor. It works perfectly, but the problem is I haven't...
  35. P

    Magnetic spaceship launcher for antarctic mountain idea

    why not launch space ships with a sort of magnetic rail system so that you don't have to launch fuel with you a ship coated in resin would survive the atmosphere and because of its elevated location on a mountain the atmosphere would already be much thinner the length of the rail is a slight...
  36. R

    Lab issue - Please check my projectile launcher calculations

    Lab issue -- Please check my projectile launcher calculations I am making a lab for a class I teach and my results aren't working out and I need another pair of eyes to see if my method is wrong (I apologize if this should go in homework, but it isn't a homework question so I thought it should...
  37. K

    Rubber Stopper Launcher: How to Launch Over 100m Using a Gas Reaction

    Hello! I'm neck-deep in concept designs, and honestly, I am swamped. I'm participating in an experiment to launch a rubber stopper from a bottle using a gas-producing reaction. My most recent design structure used dry ice, and a chamber made of metal, with the dry ice proportioned out inside...
  38. V

    Ping Pong Ball Projectile Launcher

    Allowed materials: -1 sheet of 8"x8" cardboard to be used as the base -another sheet of 8"x8" cardboard (that may be cut) -2 standard paper towel tubes -10 standard popsicle sticks -up to 10 rubber bands (maximum unstretched length is 10 cm) -5 standard paper clips (max length 5 cm each) -...
  39. F

    Spring launcher equation for x so it hits the target

    Homework Statement I need to find out how far to pull the spring back so it will travel to the target. The launcher and the target is both set on the floor. The spring is the projectile. I will be given the distance on the day of testing. i should take into account air resistance so i will be...
  40. K

    Designing a clay disk launcher

    I began designing a clay disk launcher for when I go to a gun range and I want it to be something like this: I am having trouble sizing an electric motor since I don't have much exposure to E.Eng. The clay pigeon launcher is about 10cm by 10cm and I calculated my exit speed to be 20-35m/s...
  41. R

    Tennis Ball Launcher Calcuations

    Homework Statement I'm building a tennis ball launcher (as most people did) and I barely have some calculations done. I already have a measurement for my project (i.e. an angle and such), a k value for my string and a distance that it should travel horizontally. Theoretically, I'm supposed to...
  42. B

    Build a T-Shirt Launcher with Mechanics - Ideas & Tips

    I have to build a t-shirt launcher as an engineering project using only mechanics, no pneumatics or pressurized air. Can anyone give me any ideas on this? Right now my idea involves a pvc pipe and resistance bands inside as a slingshot. I want to use a trigger to release the slingshot but I am...
  43. A

    Calculating the New Angle of Inclination for a Projectile Launcher

    In the experimental setup similar to the one shown during the class demonstration, the small ball is launched from the corner of inclined plane. When the inclination of the plane is 70deg the maximum range of the projectile is 50cm. Later the inclination of the plane changes to new unknown...
  44. N

    Easy questions, A ball is shot out from a launcher, what is the acceleration?

    A ball is shot out from a launcher as shown in the figure. http://insight.ccsf.edu/file.php/4576/Lab_7_Prelab_Q1.JPG (The picture is a ball being shot from a canon from on top of a building going down) The acceleration of the ball is a. zero b. constant c. increasing...
  45. P

    Energy from torque in a ball launcher

    hi, i was given \frac{1}{2}mv^{2} = 2\tauΔ\theta for working out kinetic energy transferred to a ball in a tennis ball launcher type scenario, where two wheels are counterrotating and the ball goes between them. Is this right? is the speed of the wheels not taken into account? If the...
  46. Z

    Catapult/Projectile Launcher Project - In Depth, Fairly Complicated - I'm stuck.

    Homework Statement I am required to make a projectile launcher of some form that will fire a golf ball a certain distance, a certain height through a window, and to have it land accurately on a target. -The device can only be 1x1x1 meter - no weight restrictions. -There will be two launches...
  47. C

    Spring Projectile Launcher Help

    I need to build a device that launches a small bouncy ball anywhere from 1-4m using a spring. The spring is initially compressed as much as it can be, so this device would need to work by stretching the spring somehow. I have tried to think of a few ways to do this, but have not come up with...
  48. W

    Can You Attach a Metal Rod to a Stretchable Spring for a Horizontal Launcher?

    Homework Statement I want to attach a metal rod in between a stretchable spring to build my horizontal spring launcher but I have no idea how to attach one or even if design would be possible. Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution I was thinking of a design...
  49. T

    Understanding and Connecting CO2 Canisters to Piping for Scientists

    I'm having problems trying to figure out how CO2 canisters work. I've never actually used them before so how would you connect a CO2 canister to a piece of piping. What I have trouble understanding is how you would open the CO2 cartridge and connect it to the pipe. Would it be by puncturing the...
  50. G

    Marble loop roller coaster launcher

    Help me here. I need to figure out how to launch a marble so it navigates a vertical loop, then follows projectile motion at the end of the loop The design must use elastic potential energy to do this and must consistantly launch it consistantly to a specifyied location. I can't figure...