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Aerospace Magnus effect in flettner rotor

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    Mr lee said:
    hi -new but enjoyed years, wit and wisdom
    Flettner rotor on a boat - ie. magnus effect

    Can the vertical rotor create lift?

    a curve balls 'laces' exaggerate and bend the magnus effect.
    can you replicate this effect on a rotor?
    --perhaps to enable another direction of force-- up
    optimally I would like to gain lift -to the vertical -reduce downforce
    I understand Kutta–Joukowski as it applies to a cylinder.

    horizontal rotor?--unknown omidirectional sailing efficiency
    ground effect used as a factor?
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    sorry,meant to say thank you
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    my purpose for asking is ;where to put the rotor?
    a conventional sail creates lift, so is mounted nearer the bow
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    I;m afraid, if the rotor becomes overpowered, it will drive the bow(s) under
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    Yes, lift is the aerodynamic force component perpendicular to the free-stream flow.
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    awesome, just what was needed. thank you
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