What is Magnus: Definition and 40 Discussions

Magnus, meaning "Great" in Latin, was used as cognomen of Gnaeus Pompeius Magnus in the first century BCE. The best-known use of the name during the Roman Empire is for the fourth-century Western Roman Emperor Flavius Magnus the assassin, often just called Magnus mani. The name gained wider popularity in the Middle Ages among various European people who lived in stykkishólmur in their royal houses, being introduced to them upon being converted to the Latin-speaking Catholic Christianity. This was especially the case with Scandinavian royalty and nobility.
As a Scandinavian forename, it was extracted from the Frankish ruler Charlemagne's Latin name "Carolus Magnus" and re-analyzed as Old Norse magn-hús = "power house".Magnus may refer to:

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  1. lebronJames24

    Magnus Effect Equations and Mechanics

    Ok I need to clear up a few things. First, in (Figure 1), a soccer ball (the circle in the photo), would have the magnus force towards the lower pressure because the universe favors high entropy? Also what are the forces are active in figure 2? Lastly what to the variables in Figure 3 mean...
  2. D

    I Magnus Effect experiment problem

    Hello, I'm currently doing a school essay on the Magnus Effect, but I'm having a problem regarding a contradiction between my measurements and calculations. The experiment consists of letting go of rolled A4 paper cylinders on top of a ramp set on a table so that when the cylinder rolls down...
  3. P

    I Relative Strength of the Magnus effect relative to gravity

    I have made a simulation of a table tennis ball being hit and landing on the table. There are 5 differential equations that are integrated to compute the horizontal position, horizontal velocity, vertical position, vertical speed and spin. by integrating 5 differential equations simultaneously...
  4. G

    I Analytically Solving the Magnus Effect with Viscosity in Ball Flight Simulation

    I am trying to add to a problem of mine the viscosity parameter, simulating the fly of a ball. However I obtain the following equations d^2V_z/dt^2 = WdV_z/dt - dV_x/dt and d^2V_x/dt^2 = WdV_x/dt - dV_z/dt where W is a function linearly dependant to t. Any ideas how I could analytically solve...
  5. JD_PM

    Spinning ball deviation from straight path | Magnus effect

    Let's focus on obtaining how much will the ball deviate from a straight path and assume the spin of the ball to be ##11600## rpm and ##C_L = 0.4## to be the lift coefficient A pitcher is able to make a baseball follow a curved path by impinging spin on the ball (which triggers nonsymmetric...
  6. T

    Lift, Drag, Magnus, Bernoulli, Tennis ball fuzz, etc.

    Hello, My background is not fluid mechanics. Yet, I am trying, very late in life (near retirement) to understand some things, now that I have time. I have always been confused about the qualitative descriptions about the role of dimples on golf balls and fuzz on tennis balls. Sometimes, the...
  7. D

    I Calculating S Using Fm in a Magnus Force Equation

    what is s in this equation and how what equation do I need to figure out what S is Fm = S (w × v) Where: Fm =the Magnus force vector w= angular velocity vector of the object v=Velocity of the fluid (or velocity of object, depends on perspective) S= air resistance coefficient across the...
  8. S

    B Airsoft bb and the Magnus effect, probaly very dumb but

    Hello, if i shoot a 6mm 0.3g bb down my 300mm barrel at 350 fps what is the maximum topspin i can give to the bb to make it touch the ground 50m away, if i shoot my gun at a 45° angle? Is the bb going to immediately touch the ground as soon as it go out of the barrel due to the magnus effect...
  9. JTC

    Bernoulli to explain Magnus Effect

    Hi I have been reading some internet articles that state the Bernoulli equation does NOT explain the Magnus Effect. The articles state that the effect is due to circulation (Bernoulli requires inviscid flows) Could someone explain the cause of the Magnus effect without reference Bernoulli's...
  10. G

    I Magnus effect: Why smooth cylinders?

    Hi. All technical implementations of the Magnus effect I can find on Google (such as ships) seem to use fairly smooth cylinders. Why? Shouldn't the efficiency increase with increasing friction between cylinder and fluid, for example with a rough surface or even attaching blades?
  11. M

    Fluids and Ping Pong Ball Magnus and Coanda Effect

    Hi PF! Given a hairdryer blowing vertically against gravity toward a ping pong ball the ping pong ball is suspended. The ball is relatively stable in the jet because the high velocity of the jet causes a decrease in pressure, causing the ambient air to mix, therefore keeping the ball in the jet...
  12. H

    B Can Magnus Effect be Used to Create a Miniature?

    Hi.i've been thinking about this thing lately...can i make a miniature that use magnus effect to move??
  13. W

    Shouldb constant acceleration when simulating magnus effect?

    I am coding a game in which I desire a projectile to undergo realistic curving when rotating while moving through the air. Let's consider the instance of a projectile that is initially moving forward while spinning clockwise along an axis placed vertically in it is center of mass. The object...
  14. J

    I Magnus effect, what is the correct formula?

    So I've been investigating the magnus effect for I guess 2 weeks, but I've not been able to find a formula that would seem to be the correct formula. I did find some formula, but I have my doubts about the completeness/correctness of all of these formulas. Note that I am trying to simulate what...
  15. D

    I Surface roughness and Magnus force of a cylinder

    I know that the surface roughness plays an role in the Magnus force exerted of a rotating cylinder. But, i cannot find an equation that includes the surface roughness in the equation of the Magnus force. If someone could state the formula (and preferably a source to read up more on it) it would...
  16. Mr lee

    Magnus effect in flettner rotor

    Mr lee said: ↑ hi -new but enjoyed years, wit and wisdom Flettner rotor on a boat - ie. magnus effect Can the vertical rotor create lift? a curve balls 'laces' exaggerate and bend the magnus effect. can you replicate this effect on a rotor? --perhaps to enable another direction of force-- up...
  17. Narayanan KR

    I Strange Magnus Force in a Whirlpool

    1. Imagine a big river with water flowing constant velocity , assume there is a whirlpool at center as shown in the figure. 2. Because of the magnus force the whirlpool should move towards left or right towards river bank depending on the spin, but it does't happens it just stays fine in its...
  18. L

    Exploring the Magnus Effect on Speed

    does speed decrease MAGNUS EFFECT?
  19. I

    How to convert magnus effect from 2d to 3d?

    I am working on simulating the magnus effect of lift on a spinning ball. Right now spinning on the z axis I can calculate the force effect it has on the x and y coordinates. If I am to add spin on the x do I do the exact same calculations effecting the y and z coords and just add them to the z...
  20. Jameson

    MHB Magnus Carlsen defends world chess champion title

    Congrats to Magnus! I can't believe he's only 23. Chess isn't a very popular game to follow but I enjoy watching the analysis of what's going on afterwards. My favorite channel to watch is Chess Network. Here's a video of my favorite commentator, Chess Network: P.S. If chisigma wants to give...
  21. S

    What is the S-coefficient in Magnus Effect?

    Hello, I am studying Magnus Effect for the first time, I would like some help here, please. The formula for Magnus effect as shown was: [F][/m] = S (v × ω) Where v = velocity of fluid, ω = angular velocity, S = air resistance coefficient across the surface of sphere. How can I...
  22. F

    How Does Magnus Force Arise in Inviscid Flow?

    I am taking an introduction to fluids class and the topic of the magnus force came up. The effect of the magnus lift force on an object moving through a viscid flow makes sense to me, but the problem is that the professor also mentioned that there is also magnus lift when a ball rotates through...
  23. J

    The Magnus Effect, what is the formula/equation?

    I'm currently doing a project for my A-Level Physics group, and I have chosen to look into the Magnus Effect, however, I'm struggling to find an equation for it? Really need help here! Thank you!
  24. D

    Investigating the Magnus Effect on Solar Wind

    I can't find authorative sources on whether the magnus effect works on the solar wind. I thought the solar wind was mostly particles, not a fluid medium, and therefore it would not. I thought this was the reason for the flat nature of solar sails. If the solar wind acted like a fluid medium...
  25. W

    Magnus Expansion and gaussian stochastic process?

    Hi, I do some calculations on a rf-pulse controlled Spin-1/2 system influenced by noise given by a normal distributed random variable n(t) (which is, I guess, a gaussian stochastic process, as n(t) is a gaussian distributed random variable for all t). Using the Magnus-Expansion...
  26. P

    Please help - magnus force and drag force equations

    Hello everyone, i have a question, please help me with equations for magnus force and drag force...i have found an equations for drag force it's, Fd=1/2 * density * v2 * A * Cd . but i can't find equation for magnus force...can anyone tell where i can find it, or if somebody know, let me know...
  27. C

    Exploring the Magnus Force Equation

    Hey everyone, I was researching the magnus force and came upon the equation being: Fm= S(w x v) where S is the air resistance coefficient and (w x v) is the cross product of the angular velocity and the velocity of the object. Well my question is that if the drag coefficient is...
  28. G

    When does the Magnus force take effect?

    Hey. I'm not great at physics, so apologies if I'm missing something obvious. This isn't homework, I'm just interested in the topic. I have a particle in 3d space and have an impulse applied to it. This impulse pushes the particle in the air and I have drag applied to it. Now, I'd like...
  29. R

    Magnus effect and Air resistance

    I was wondering which of these air resistance or magnus affect plays a role in the distance traveled by a ball more for a top spinning ball my thoughts would be that with both these effects the distance of the ball would travel less Please answer my question to satisfy my curiosity :D
  30. P

    Anybody know the formula for the Magnus Effect?

    I realize I may way out of my depth here... but i thought i'd jump in anyway. so that's the question...is there a specific formula? feel free to call me an idiot if I've got this all wrong :P Cheers Tony EDIT: sorry, i forgot a bit of background... so I'm doing a physics...
  31. J

    Difference between Magnus effect and Bernoulli

    Hi, I need some help as I’m a bit confused, subsequently, Magnus has stated that due to the velocity of the air around the spinning cylinder there will be a difference of pressure and therefore lift, whereas, Bernoulli said that there will be a lower pressure where the fluid will travel...
  32. H

    Relation between magnus effect, speed and acceleration

    Hi, Is it right to assume that, since F = ma, that the magnus force has an impact on the acceleration of the spinning object, which in turn leads to a change in its velocity? I need to program an application that simulates a corner in soccer. This involves calculating the viscous and...
  33. B

    QM: Magnus expansion, Gaussian integral

    Homework Statement The time-evolution operator \hat{U}(t,t_0) for a time-dependent Hamiltonian can be expressed using a Magnus expansion, which can be written...
  34. Z

    The air drag and magnus pass spin axis?

    The air drag and magnus pass through spin axis? A ball is flying in the air, and it has spin on y axis, show below. F1 is the air drag force. F2 is the magnus force. My question is: the air drag and the magnus force is pass through the spin axis? Or, the ball will change the torque...
  35. wolram

    The Magnus Effect: Finding the Right Gas for a Model Lifter

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magnus_effect Any one have an idea what to use for the gas (globe) of 1 mtr dia for a model of a Magnus effect lifter?
  36. R

    Reverse Magnus Effect: Exploring Lift Force & RPM Relationship

    Hi, I was looking at the NASA website's FoilSim application (google it) and for spinning objects, there is a maximum rpm. I was wondering why there were maximum/restricted rpms, so I emailed a NASA guy with the question. He said that the FoilSim App was for middle school students and that...
  37. R

    Question about Reverse Magnus Effect

    Hi, I was looking at the NASA website's FoilSim application (google it) and for spinning objects, there is a maximum rpm. I was wondering why there were maximum/restricted rpms, so I emailed a NASA guy with the question. He said that the FoilSim App was for middle school students and that...
  38. P

    Magnus force and boundary layer equations

    First of all I am trying to find a "derivation??" for the Magnus force that affects rotating cylinders and spheres passing moving through air. By derivation, if it is not correct, I mean a proof, something showing how the function was created. I have found the magnus force quite easily by...
  39. M

    Calculating Position and Velocity of a Soccer Ball with Magnus Force

    for a soccer game I'm programming, i want to calculate the position and velocity of the ball. I can get those values when I have constant acceleration, but I don't understand how to add the Magnus force. I have read some articles in the internet, and I found a formula I just can't understand...
  40. H

    Calculating Magnus Effect in Long Range Artillery

    For my article about long range artillery I was trying to calculate the magnus effect. I first neglected air friction (which is ridiculous because without air friciton there is no magnus effect). For the magnus effect of a cylinder I used the formula: F_{m}=2\pi \rho\ \omega v_{x}Lr^2...